Living in a fast-paced, stressful world, we need to get ourselves healthy at all times, so here’s one podcast that is very helpful in showing us how to achieve better health. SCD Lifestyle shares with us in-depth knowledge about certain health topics from experts.

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But first, what does SCD stands for? SCD means Specific Carbohydrate Diet. It is a group of foods which are unprocessed, grain-free, sugar-free and starch-free. By incorporating SCD into your lifestyle, it is a way to give you an overall boost in your health as it reboots the digestion.

It is a very informative podcast that comes with a video format.

In this featured episode, Amir Rosic talks to the gluten expert panel about topic on whether gluten is bad for non-celiacs. The panel includes Dr. Tom O'Bryan, Nora Gedgaudas and Steve Wright. They cover all these ideas and answer the common questions about gluten.

Topics for the discussion include wheat and gluten, gluten and vitamin D, cross reaction, LPS and gluten, gluten testing, common malabsorption for gluten-sensitive or with inflamed digestive systems, Einkorn wheat and other older wheat strains, explanation about how carrots and onions can grow bacteria with LPS and how it can trigger permeability of the gut, how to build the healthiest gut flora possible, and more.

Watch the episode below about the expert’s panel advice on gluten if it’s bad for non-celiacs.