Here are 5 podcasts worth listening that will give you great information and knowledge as well as entertain you.

Car Talk Episode 1333: The Great Conversation Stopper

Here is a podcast that will help answer your questions about car troubleshooting. In this episode, the hosts answer the callers’ questions about their cars they’ve purchased and give them head-on solution to their problems. One bought a BMW, another caller had a Chevy while another acquired a Porsche. Listen to the hosts' practical advice here.

The Average Guy Home Tech Podcast Episode: How to Listen to a Podcast for the Average Guy, Outtake HT131

New to the podcast? This episode features Jim Collison discussing with Andrew Morris and Mike Howard about the best ways to listen it. Listen live, via computer, mobile devices and more. The guys give you the different gadgets to use that would best suit your needs.

The TNT Dynamite Party Hour Episode 38 with Jen Murphy

Comedians Todd McComas, Tim McLaughlin, Chris Bowers, and Kevin Hoover are with talented comedienne Jen Murphy and they get to know her more in this episode. Hilarious conversations among the hosts and their guest will definitely entertain you. Just take note that this episode features explicit words so this one is for the adult audience.

Hak5 1426 – Darren Shows Alternative Internet Infrastructures

This 19-minute video podcast is the season’s final episode which shows you an alternative internet infrastructure if ever there’s a coming zombie apocalypse. One of the hosts, Darren Kitchen, speaks about internet freedom and its alternatives. This podcast is for all you geeks out there who want to get entertained as well as get loads of tech information about the latest trends.

The Strength Coach Podcast Episode 129

Our body needs exercise to get fit and healthy so this podcast will help you achieve a great physique and have good health. Episode 129 of the Strength Coach Podcast teaches you the basics of stretching, which is very important to start the training to avoid possible injuries and how to perform better with your workouts. Aside from these tips, the show also features Nate Baukol of University of North Dakota who talks about his philosophies about training, proper position and keeping it simple.