The future of radio and TV broadcasting is here via podcasting, which is one of today’s top media information tools available.

The rapid growth of broadcasting shows via podcast has enabled web developers to create numerous apps for their mobile devices thus making it easier to get access to wide variety of information that includes current events, sports, leisure, health, food, fitness, technology and more wherever you are.

Here are 5 recommended podcast apps for you.

Downcast is created by Jamawkinaw Enterprises that lets you get started without a sweat. It has a straightforward interface that allows you to easily find, subscribe and play anything you want so this is user-friendly. It provides various settings which you can tweak for your own ease of use. It is the best podcast downloader and player to iPhone according to a user named Lifehacker.

Stitcher Radio
Stitch together your favorite shows to make modified stations. One of the top apps out there and winning multiple awards and praises, Stitcher helps you find the latest shows you love by recommending shows to other listeners of similar show who happen to like it as well. It has great features and has garnered a 4.1 review from users. CNET describes it as to “news and information what Pandora is to music”.

If there’s an app for podcast, expect Apple not to be left out. The giant company has created its own podcast app. It’s a very functional app, only it doesn’t come pre-loaded on iOS, so you have to download it separately but don’t worry as this app is absolutely free! Like other apps, you can also create custom stations and on-the-go playlist so you’ve always got something fresh and ready anywhere you are. It is one of the best choices for anyone who is getting started with podcasts.

AOL has its own podcast app as well. Engadget is their answer to these Android apps that has surfaced and it delivers the latest news and updates. It has many key features that deliver the best experience straight into your Android device instantly! Rating from users around the world is also high so safe to say, it’s one of the best out there.

Pocket Cast
Pocket cast is developed by ShiftyJelly PTY LTD that lets you stay up to date with all the fresh podcasts out there. Simply add your favorite podcasts and you’ll be able to stream and download the latest episodes once it gets available. You can also convert the video podcasts to audio and share them with your friends. This is worth a try if you’ve been frustrated with other apps that have lack of updates.