The Environmental History Resources is a podcast that explores the human societies and the environment in the past. The site is maintained by environmental historian Dr Jan Oosthoek from Brisbane Queensland, Australia.


If you know about Oosthoek’s Environmental History Homesite, this is its continuation. The Environmental History Resources podcast provides resources and information who are interested in environmental history. If you’re a student or a scholar, this site is great for your research and helps you to gain more knowledge and information. It covers a variety of topics that reflect the interdisciplinary nature of the environmental history such as landscape, forestry and land use, pollution and ideas of nature.

The site has been around for quite a long time, with archives dating back to 2006. Although the episode schedule is irregular, so far the current episode was last April of 2013 and it’s a great source of information if you’re seeking history from different places. The only catch is that the audio isn't that clear, so if you’re listening via speakers on medium settings, you might not understand the discussions.

Listen to Episode 51, which talks about the Scottish forestry experience and development of forestry in India. The host talks about what happened during the time of the 18th century Scotland, which has been the center of forestry knowledge in Britain. You can also download the video version right here.