Remember your teenage years when everything seemed to be hip, cool, and easy? Hey Teens! Podcast brings you back to that era. This podcast is specifically for teens (but can also be for those who are young at heart) made by adults.


Hosted by Jon Wiener and Eric Gosselin, the two discuss stories about teen life, from the best times to some of the most awful moments, which will take you on a trip down memory lane.

Episodes are more than an hour so you can chill while listening. Teens will also get to learn from those stories and help them face their everyday life.

Jon and Eric are joined by several guests, whom they get to interview and and share stories with. So kids, if you’re tuning in to the episodes, you’ll know what to do in case you happen to have similar situations, problems, etc.

It’s a podcast that’s definitely worth listening as you’ll learn a thing or two from them. New episodes are released every Wednesday so do check it out.

You can listen to the episodes here. If you have any suggestions, guest requests and questions, you can reach them at Jon and Eric are “chatty cathies” according to the site so they’ll be glad to hear from you.