Image source: Empireonline.Com

Just when DC created a big buzz these past few days with their announcement of their upcoming Batman/Superman film, its counterpart, Marvel, announces its new addition to the pack for the Avengers sequel. Who is the latest actor to go onboard the all-star cast? James Spader.

Spader has been announced to play as the villain Ultron for the James Whedon’s soon-to-be-released sequel Age of Ultron. This flick will see Tony Stark and the rest of the gang battling it out with this menacing villain to save the planet.

Fans may have wanted Thanos for the sequel as he’s been spotted in the teaser after the ending credits, but maybe he'll just show up in another Avengers installment in favor of Ultron.

Ultron is a criminally insane robot who is set to conquer the world and exterminate mankind. Having several powers that include strength, agility and stunning intelligence, the Avengers are set for another war that will definitely be a thrill to watch.

Spader is a great selection to play the character as he’s got charisma and intelligence, perfect for a dreaded evil enemy role. He can also engage in witty repartee and although he has never done cartoon voice work as reported by Empire Online, he can definitely pull it off. He's even Loki-approved!

Marvel is in game once more with this announcement and it’s going to be an all-out war for the box office once the two franchises’ mega-blockbuster movies hit theaters. Age of Ultron is set for May 1, 2015 release.