Lost Skills Podcast provides you with help in improving your home. Podcast host Jeff shares tips that would make your work cost-efficient via his DIY techniques.


The site comes with an audio podcast as well as videos that provide tips on making custom-made tools that could be very useful in your homestead needs. Each episode is short, around 20-30 minutes long.

According to Jeff, if you have questions, topic requests and suggestions, you can send them via podcast’s Facebook page or you can leave a comment on the site. They’re all welcome and ready to be featured and answered.

The podcast features lots of DIY procedures, so if you have a tight budget and need a specific tool for your home, Jeff will provide you with an alternative to the more expensive tools available in the market. Meanwhile, some of the episodes are just updates, some random thoughts from the host. Getting emails from all over the world is pretty awesome and much appreciated by him as it means the podcast gives them ideas and provides necessary solutions to their home improvement problems.

Jeff sometimes does the episode on the road, like in episode 115, which is just an update to what’s happening around him while driving so you’ll hear some noises from the outdoors.

Listen to episode 115 here.