Ask people what they know about oil and chances are that they’ll tell you something about what it is commonly used for: for cooking, as a lubricant, as a source for fuel. But that is just the tip of the iceberg. A History Of Oil is a podcast that’ll give you a look at the bigger picture of just how oil has affected and become part of our lives not just as a catalyst for our modern society but also as an influential element when it comes to our country’s economical and political decisions.


You’d be amazed at how much you’ll be able to learn about world history, economics, and politics just by listening to this podcast which is basically just primarily about oil. Again, it just goes to show you how much oil has contributed and influenced our daily lives throughout the century.

eedless to say that if you ever decide to listen and subscribe, I would highly suggest you start off from the beginning where host Peter B. Doran talks about the Byzantine Empire’s use of an incendiary weapon dubbed as the “Greek Fire”, which has been theorized by many modern scholars of today as being made up of crude or refined petroleum.

Peter does a great job at telling each and every story. They’re highly informative and one could tell that he has really done his researched on the subject pretty well. He manages to keep the pace and the energy of his delivery at just the right level so the story remains interesting and never gets boring.

As always, you can find the episodes either on iTunes or the official web page, though I have let you know that the ones on the website are still missing four recent episodes so if you want them you’re gonna have to get it on iTunes.