Brains On! is a nice educational podcast for kids where they can learn more about the stuff that they usually experience and encounter in their day to day life. In each episode, host Molly Bloom is joined by a different young co-host to talk about things like growing, eating, and sleeping.

Together they’re going to answer questions about the subject and go wherever the answers take them. So basically what that means is that the show’s flow could go from one thing to another; one minute they’ll be talking to a food scientist, and then the next minute they’ll be eating spinach!


As the title implies, the show will encourage your kids to turn their brains on. It’s just amazing how an educational podcast can be as enthralling and fun to listen to as a storytelling podcast. The production is just top-notch that if Nickelodeon had an educational radio show or an audio podcast, it’d probably sound just like Brains On!

This is definitely another great example of a good quality podcast program that manages to balance between being entertaining and educational at the same time. It's one more highly recommended podcast to add in iPodder’s Kids and Teens category.

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