OK, so I know that some of you out there – specifically those who’ve been playing GTA Online for the past few days – are currently frustrated right now because of the numerous bugs and issues that have plagued the game’s multiplayer mode that have caused players to lose their characters or money while playing the game.

But while we’re all waiting for Rockstar Games’ developers to find out what’s causing the problems and come up with some fixes, why don’t we all cool our heads for a while by checking out this hilarious Grand Theft Auto V parody created by the people behind the Korean version of Saturday Night Live (yeah, I too didn’t know that SNL even had localized versions in other countries).

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The skit shows an actor playing multiple roles, from being the gamer and the also characters he’s playing as. The game is called Grand Theft Autumn: Keijo and it’s set in Korea (of course) during the Japanese colonial period of 1910 to 1945. Instead of Michael, Trevor, and Franklin, the game offers the gamer its own set of peculiar characters; a beggar, a mobster, and a military figure.

Viewers then follows the gamer’s character as it goes on its misadventures and misfortunes throughout the game, from engaging in fist fights with local authorities and beggars to doing the nasty with the geishas.

This isn’t the first time the local show did this skit, in another episode they did one that’s set during the Joseon dynasty of Korea. I’ll include the video below as well. Anyway, have fun watching... and let’s hope that Rockstar would be able to iron out all of the issues pretty soon.