Finding for a good podcast program can be such a daunting and troublesome task. With the vastness of the web coupled with the huge number of podcasts and podcasters out there, just trying to discern the good ones from the bad ones can already cost precious time – and did I already say troublesome? That’s where iPodder comes in.

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iPodder offers an extensive array of podcasts where people can easily find just the kind of program they’re looking for. Aside from the usual genres like comedy, tech, games, sports, music, and travel, it also includes storytelling, shopping, legal, religion, politics, and more.

Right now you might be thinking, “OK, but don’t we already have iTunes for that?” Well yes, but then not everyone has (or even uses) iTunes, am I right? And in addition to the reviews that provides readers with information that’ll help them figure out whether a particular podcast is just the one they’re looking for, the site also provides internet-related news and news from the entertainment and gaming industry.

Also, if you think that iPodder is only a place where people can download their favorite podcasts, think again. Not only is it a place for people to find audio and video podcasts on the internet but it is also actually a place where people can upload their own podcasts and have it hosted and published.

To start searching for any podcast that might tickle your fancy, you may begin by checking out iPodder's Podcast page. Be sure to bookmark the site for any future queries. Also feel free to ‘Like’ the iPodder Facebook page to keep up with the latest podcast review and entertainment news.