Disney may have already bought the rights to the Star Wars franchise from George Lucas but it seems like it didn’t necessarily mean that he could have no more say in the production of any future projects – specifically the upcoming seventh installment of the Star Wars saga. In an interview with Flicks And The City, Lucas’ son Jett has revealed that he [George] is still very much involved with the production of Episode VII and is actually in constant communication with its director JJ Abrams.

Image source: digitalspy

Jett said that his father was very 'torn' about letting go of the franchise despite having handpicked JJ Abrams to replace him, and that he was even writing the storyline for Episode VII a year before selling it to Disney. “He’s constantly talking to JJ,” he continues, “Obviously JJ was handpicked. He is there to guide whenever, he’ll help where he can. At the same time, he wants to let it go and become its new generation.”

Abrams was revealed to take over the helm of the seventh episode in January, which is bound to start its production in London next year. Aside from releasing a new set of trilogy, Disney is also planning on creating several standalone origins movie as well which could possibly involve bringing back iconic characters from the original, like Han Solo, Bobba Fett, and Yoda.

Aside from talking about his father’s unease over the matter, Jett also confirmed that Saoirse Ronan actually did audition for a part on Episode VII but then dismissed rumors that some actors from Star Trek (i.e. British actor Benedict Cumberbatch) will be joining in as well. He said that crossing Star Trek with Star Wars would be a “dangerous combination.”

Moreover, he even went on to tease about what or how much he knows about the upcoming movie, or rather movies’ plot. “I already know what happens,” he said. “I’m happy with what’s going to happen.”

Watch the Jett interview below: