It’s been a long time since we posted something for the podcasters here on iPodder, so I thought I’d post one now. Here are a few tips on how you, as a podcaster, can increase your audience.

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Get listed in podcast directories – Even without looking at any supporting numbers, having your show listed in a site directory can result in an increase in audience. When not using search engines to look for specific podcast titles, people go to these sites to look for programs that match their interests based on the categories listed. So get your podcast listed on as many directories as you possibly can!

Use the right words –I’m not just talking about keywords, I’m talking about meta tags as well. Just because you’re dealing with audio content doesn’t mean that you can skip on the text content of your podcast site. Using effective keywords and metadata on the site that contains your media helps your audience find your podcast through search engines (and even iTunes). Properly worded descriptions for your podcast episodes helps as well.

Podcast Guesting – Guesting in another podcast AND inviting guests over to your show can help promote your podcast. The best guests to invite are people who are in the same niche as you, especially if they have a huge audience themselves. If you’re the one conducting the interview, be sure that it’s well-prepared and consists of interesting questions to keep your listeners hooked.

Provide interesting topics – Make sure that you maintain good quality content. Don’t just cover interesting topic, but be sure to keep the discussion itself interesting. Also, to add a sense of variety to your show, experiment with different formats and have different segments, especially if your show runs for more than 30 minutes.