While there may be quite a good number of podcasts out there that talk about history, hardly any of them, if not none of them at all focuses on a specific type of event much like what Mike Duncan discusses on his podcast titled Revolutionsv. In his podcast, Mike talks about all of the events that transpired throughout history that involved a dramatic and fundamental change in a political organization caused by major revolts.

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Mike is a graduate of Political Science and has studied Public History so you can bet that he has done his research prior to each and every episode. Getting your lesson in history has never been this light (read: not boring) as he knows how to put the ‘fun’ in ‘fun facts’. A lot of his listeners from his other podcast have continued to follow him to this new one, and they couldn’t be any happier to know that Mike has continued his class in history through this podcast. If you’re a fan of history then no doubt you’re going to enjoy listening to Revolutions.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, Mike has another podcast. It’s titled The History of Rome. If you enjoyed listening to this one then you might want to check that one out as well (you can find it by clicking through here). Now would be a good time to do so while Revolutions still only has a few episodes.

To have a more detailed explanation of what Mike covers on this particular podcast, you can listen to his introductory episode or visit his official website. I hope you’ll enjoy the class!

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