Fall has already arrived and with it comes a new batch of brand new TV shows that are vying for our time and attention during prime time. Some will try to thrill us with drama and suspense while others will try to make us laugh. One of them hopes to achieve the latter by bringing one of the industry’s top actor and stand-up comedian into the world of sitcom.

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From the man who brought us the 90s classic hit Ally McBeal, David E. Kelley brings us another comedy-drama about Simon Roberts (played by Robin Williams), an ad exec who’s running an ad agency together with his daughter Sydney (played by Sarah Michelle Gellar). Williams’ character is an advertising genius but the loss of his wife is causing him to lose his mind, which in turn could potentially harm the business. This is where Gellar’s character comes in to keep his William’s character in check and to act as support.

But the real question is, will this new series be worth your time? Judging by the pilot episode alone, it’s hard to tell. I don’t know if my bias towards Williams is what keeping me from telling you to give this one a pass. I’m really hoping for this one to pick up in the succeeding episodes as I found the pilot to be somewhat lacking considering that Williams is on the cast list. I guess what I’m trying to arrive at is if you’re a fan of Williams’ comedic style then chances are that you’re going to love this new show from Kelley.

In case you missed the pilot, you can watch it here.