One of the most important aspects of setting up a podcast site is branding. It enables you to establish your podcast among listeners so before you launch your podcast, you must carefully plan what you want to share to help create your own identity and differentiate it from other podcasts.

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Here are some helpful tips that will help you establish your podcast site's brand.

Start with your podcast theme. Your audience will know what type of podcast you have by its theme. Write a brief description about your podcast which explains its main purpose.

Personalize it. Select a name that reflects what the podcast is all about. For example, if you're putting up an entertainment podcast, there should be a hint that the site is about entertainment. Create a name that can easily be recognized and understood but is at the same time unique.

Secure your domain and blog names. Secure a domain name for the site, preferably one that is similar to the podcast and blog name so it would be easier for listeners to identify and search.

Be visual. Create a logo that will easily represent your site, to give your audience a glimpse of what the podcast is all about. First impressions last, so make your design friendly to all age brackets. Also, use colors, images, and layout that depict the mood and impression you want to create with your audience.

Use a tagline. Your tagline or slogan should help your audience remember your podcast title, so choose your words and writing style carefully to convey the ideas you want to communicate. Keep it short and sweet.