Since we’ve already arrived at the last quarter of 2013, now would be a good time to finally announce what I think is this year’s Top 3 Worst Movies. Maybe it’s just me but I think Hollywood has given us quite a lot of terrible movies this time around that it wasn’t even that hard to come up with a Top 10 or Top 20 list. So to make it more challenging I decided to keep it really short and just stick with 3 movies.

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The following three movies were chosen because aside from making many moviegoers regret ever seeing them in the first place, they’re the type of movie that boggled a lot of critics, making them beg the question “Why did they even bother to make these in the first place?!” and “What made them even think that they could replicate Twilight’s success with such crap?” Yeah, it’s all Twilight’s fault I tell you.

Anyway, here they are:

Beautiful Creatures (IMDb: 6; RT: 46/55) – Right from the get-go pretty much anyone can tell that this movie was only created in an attempt to cash in on the success of the Twilight franchise by capturing the attention of the very same romantic teenage audience. It’s basically just Twilight but with witches – err, I mean casters this time. Sure there are several differences between the two but once you look at the big picture, it’s practically the same formula: teenage boy and teenage girl fall in love, one of them is an outcast or a loner but gifted with special powers, their love poses a problem with either side’s family.

The Smurfs 2 (IMDb: 4.9; RT: 14/60) – This sequel is another obvious cash grab by Hollywood execs. The movie is just flat out dumb as hell. There’s hardly any funny moments in this film. If you watched the first one, you should see that there wasn’t any point in making this sequel. It is completely as uncalled for as the Alvin and the Chipmunks sequels. At most, this should’ve been a straight-to-video title. There’s absolutely no reason for you to see this unless you're a diehard fan.

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones (IMDb: 6.6; RT: 12/67) – Seriously, is there any fantasy genre out there that still hasn’t been given the Twilight treatment? First vampires and werewolves, then zombies (Warm Bodies), then witches (Beautiful Creatures), and now even demon/shadow hunters?! If you think that there can never anyone more “Mr. Soft and Sensitive” than Edward Cullen of Twilight, then you haven’t seen Jace of Mortal Instruments ‘coz for someone calling himself a shadow hunter, he sure came off as such a wuss. Again, like Beautiful Creatures, this is another attempt to grab the attention of the same Twilight audience for a lucrative multi-film franchise based on a book series. This is not even worth as a rental. If you’re really curious to know what this movie’s about, you’re better off waiting for it to shown on cable.

So, do you agree with my picks or not? If you have other movie fails to share, feel free to tell us about it in the comments section.