Many PlayStation 4 users have been experiencing another dreaded error, which is the CE-34878-0 that corrupts saved files. This problem is growing among the early adopters of Sony PS4 and it was first reported last December that it causes games to be completely unplayable. It also prevents any apps from being opened on Sony’s console. This has been reported on the Playstation forum thread which right now has 35 pages of reported errors.

Image source: Wp.Com

According to the thread, the most common games that are affected are Fifa 14, NBA 2K14, BF4, Assassins' Creed IV: Black Flag, Call Of Duty: Ghosts, and sometimes Killzone Shadow Fall. Many of the users reported that once this error occurs the number of hours they played are all gone and cannot be recovered.

As of now there are no updates regarding on this and there are still no firmware updates to fix the said issues on Sony PS4. We hope that the next firmware updates for the PS4 will fix all the known issues at hand. But for now the only way to fix the issue is to return the console and have it replaced.