In Two Brown Girls Podcast 44, hosts Fariha Roisin and Zeba Blay dish out a brief recap of the Golden Globes and the Oscars, including Leonardo DiCaprio and the supermodel’s vagina, Matthew Mconnaughey’s douchey and self-absorbed speech, and how some actors perform in controversial roles just for the accolades they’ll receive and not for the societal impact they can make, because Hollywood is fucked up like that.


Fariha and Zeba also share the problems with having white friends who are clueless about issues surrounding POC’s (persons of color), and Madonna’s overuse of the N-word.

Frankly I’m so glad to have found a podcast that addresses concerns about social inequality against women and racial minorities, as well as other issues that pervade our society. Listening to Fariha and Zeba feels like sharing a cup of coffee (or tea) with them, because of the warmth, exuberance, and spontaneity in their discussions. They’re also funny, and you’ll enjoy some LOL moments with them. If you’re interested about social issues surrounding pop culture, Two Brown Girls is a must-listen.

You can listen to their podcast episodes via SoundCloud, and you can also visit their Tumblr site for other behind-the-scenes photos, blog posts, and insights.