Jesus week, as called by host Marc Maron, has just passed, and in this episode of WTF Podcast he ruminates about how he really doesn't know much about the man believed by some to be their savior. Mostly because Marc's Jewish. But like Jesus, he has a beard.


Afterwards, Marc pays tribute to the comic duo Otto and George, after Otto had just passed away. He also talks about comedian Alan Bursky as this week's special feature, about how Bursky contributed to the lives and careers of other standup comedians, and to the opening of his beloved The Comedy Store. (Marc hadn't really met Bursky yet). And later, writer Kliph Nesteroff talks about the lauded producer George Schlatter.

This episode is centered on the comic life, so if you aren't well-versed in the subject like me, it would take a bit of research and adjustment to get acquainted with Marc's discussions. But Marc somehow makes his stories interesting, relatable, and fun to listen to (one great trait of a good standup comic, no doubt), so you end up listening to the entire discussion. I felt compelled to finish the episode and bookmark the site.

You can listen to Episode 490 here, and grab the full podcast for free at iTunes.