In this episode of Podcast Unlocked, hosts Mitch Dyer is joined by Marty Sliva, Destin Legarie, and Nathan Vella talk about how the game Super Time Force was created, and it's out today on Xbox 360 and Xbox One!

Created by Nathan Vella, Super Time Force has received good reviews so far from those who have tried it early. He also discusses how the time travel adventure game mixes in retro-style 8-bit elements with modern gameplay mechanics.

The guys have good chemistry going on, and you can see their enthusiasm for gaming, as well as their understanding of the craft. It also helps that their discussions are free-flowing, so there isn't room for any awkwardness on camera. But best of all, given that this is a group discussion, it doesn't turn into a testosteroney pissing contest which is usually associated with all-male podcast shows.

You can check out more of their videos on YouTube right here.