In this week’s episode of The Dissolve Podcast, host Scott Tobias discusses how we’re going to die.


Based on the activist documentary Fed Up, Tobias explores the rising probability of death from obesity in America. He also discusses documentaries on climate change, contaminated water, peak oil, and other cataclysmic threats to humanity.

He also talks about the importance and role of improv in comedy, as illustrated inthe Seth Rogen/Zac Efron comedy Neighbors. Plus, this week's game “Kisses And Disses,” which features quotes from famous (and infamous) critic reviews, tests the latter's knowledge and understanding of other critics’ work.

The hilarious show is capped off with the rapid-fire promotional segment, 30 Seconds to Sell. You just have to listen to this. It's so much juicier than your typical 30-second movie spot.

Listen to The Dissolve Podcast episode 19 here.