If/Then and Rent star Anthony Rapp graces the 13th episode of Theater People Podcast, where he shares his experiences in taking If/Then to Broadway, being part of the Rent cast, his earlier stint as one of the original cast members of Six Degrees of Separation, and reuniting with his good friend and former Rent co-star Idina Menzel.


The Theater People Podcast features the people and events that make up the glittering world of theater, as hosted by theater enthusiast Patrick Hinds. What's great about Hinds' interviews is that he doesn't treat the art with the stereotypical snobbery associated with those in the field of culture; rather, he presents his shows with warm and humorous wit, punctuated with intelligent questions for the actors.

This interviewing style is bound to make you appreciate theater artists in a different light, more as three-dimensional people than just the characters that they play.

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