Take-Two has announced that Evolve will be delayed until 2015, and not the original worldwide launch date of October 21. CEO Strauss Zelnick has said on the financial call to investors that the game deserves to be given a bit more time for the developers to polish the game and February is a better release window for it.

Image source: Gamespot.com

Zelnick also said, "Historically, we've always benefited from giving the creative teams more time to polish the titles; we've never regretted it...It's not at all crowded, and we will benefit from the fact that there are a lot of holiday sales of consoles so the install base will be bigger."

According to another 2K Game representative, regarding the delay of the game, "As stated on the Take-Two Interactive earnings call, 2K and Turtle Rock Studios are extending the development of Evolve by a few months to allow enough time to fully realize the vision for Evolve and meet our collective standards of creative excellence. We are encouraged by the press reaction and fan excitement coming out of a very successful E3, and we are now certain we are headed in the right direction with the game and we are confident in delivering a genre-defining product when Evolve launches on February 10, 2015."

Evolve is a multiplayer shooter with four human characters against giant monsters in a battle for survival. It joins a growing list of big games that was pushed to 2015, like Battlefield: Hardline, Batman: Arkham Knight, Sony PS4's The Order: 1886, and The Witcher 3.