PlayStation Mobile Service has been around since 2012 but now Sony Japan has announced that it will no longer support its PlayStation Mobile for Android devices. The announcement was initially made to promote indie games and PlayStation 1 retro games.

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The service, which allows users to buy and play games, will continue to work for those who use Android 4.4.2, but not on Android 4.4.3 and up. Sony also can't guarantee that games will play correctly or the users will be able to access the store.

PlayStation's Sarah Thomson says, "We're looking for indies who are wanting to bring interesting, unique content to the platform," "There are restrictions with iOS, where the platform is a lot more heavily policed or where it's a little more conservative, or a little edgier, if you're wanting to do something a little more experimental where publishers might not necessarily fund because it's risky, that's the kind of stuff we want to look at. That's what really defines a platform, so that's what we're looking for."