Last weekend, PSN and other game services were attacked by a DDoS from a group of hackers called LizardSquad. PSN, Blizzard's, League of Legends, and Path of Exile, and even Xbox Live were reported to have been targeted.

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Many gamers thought that it was part of the maintenance scheduled for August 25th, but the service went down on the 24th. PSN users had difficulty logging in or playing on multiplayer mode because of the outage during that time.

Following the DDoS attack, SOE President John Smedley was aboard American Airlines Flight 362 from Dallas, Texas to San Diego, California. The plane received a warning saying they've been receiving reports that there are "explosives on-board the flight," which later turned out to be a fake bomb threat.

The FBI has investigated the matter, and now, no further issues have been reported with the affected networks.