Sony Computer Entertainment has announced that they will have a price drop for its PS3 in Japan that will take effect on August 28. The PS3 will lower its price from 30,837 Yen (£180) to 28,058 Yen (£164).0020.

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The console will also have a new model labelled CECH-4300C, and the current Charcoal Black models of 500 GB CECH-4200C and 250 GB CECH-4200B will now be discontinued along with its 250 GB 'Classic White' model CECH-4200BLW within this month. Sony Europe however still hasn't mentioned if they will follow through to phase out the older model or will have another price drop.

The PS3 was launched in Japan and in the US in November of 2006, that followed in Europe in 2007. It sold around 30 million units as of November 2013, and Japan also sold around 10 million units according to the data by Media Create that was later published on NeoGAF.

A number of the console's featured online games have already been shutdown, most of it being 1st-party games such as MAG, SOCOM Special Forces, and SOCOM Confrontation which was disabled this January, followed by Gran Turismo 5 that was only shut off last May.