Rust developer Facepunch Studios has revealed that they have another upcoming game. The prototype codename is ‘Deuce’, which is said to be a cross between Tennis and Street Fighter.

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Developer Ian James said on Facepunch, "I wanted to make something different to other projects Facepunch has in development." He also added, "I'm more of an arcade game developer so wanted to play to those strengths. I also love games with strong local multiplayer modes. Basically I want to make a game that we can play over lunch instead of FIFA."

Although James said that the implementation of such special moves isn't final, he already has four ideas for different projectiles:

· Ice (freezes opponent on returning the ball)
· Tornado (Sends the ball flying in a random direction)
· Teleport (Switches the ball position mid-flight)
· Fireball

These projectiles are similar to Street Fighter attacks. James added, "Like Street Fighter each character will have a matching location. I'm toying with the idea that elements in the court environment will come in to play during a match,". He also added "Some characters will be nimble around the court but with relatively weak hits whilst others may be more cumbersome but pack a heavier return."

"The characters won't look like typical tennis players.. so no Wimbledon starch white shorts here. We want to build a selection of characters that could star in their own games in the future or perhaps play different sports."