Since YouTube has started to monitor copyrighted music uploaded by users, Twitch is now following in its footsteps. There is a number of major changes to its Video on Demands memo, that when it detects copyrighted music in stored videos (VODs) that violates copyright infringement rules, the audio section will be muted and the volume controls disabled.

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This applies not only to commercial music in the background of live Twitch streams, but also in-game music.

Twitch explains on the announcement that, "Past broadcasts and highlights with Flagged Content are exportable but will remain muted," which is implementing the tech via a partnership with 'Audible Magic'.

"The Audible Magic technology will scan for third-party music in 30 minute blocks -- if Audible Magic does not detect its clients' music, that portion of the VOD will not be muted. If third party audio is detected anywhere in the 30-minute scanned block, the entire 30 minutes will be muted."

YouTube has implemented the same system in December 2013 and it resulted in mass flagging of the active uploaders and a major backlash over the site's copyright enforcement policies.