so far I’m totally digging Peter Capaldi as Matt Smith’s successor in BBC’s Doctor Who, because it’s refreshing to see the Doctor act as the Doctor once again. (As amusing Smith’s incarnation was, the sexist hipster sensibilities quickly wore thin for me).

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Now in the sixth episode of Doctor Who, the Doctor follows Clara into school disguised as The Caretaker. But what exactly is up his well-tailored sleeve?

In the 277th episode of The Doctor Who Podcast, hosts Leeson, James , Trevor and special guest Kyle Anderson share their reviews of The Caretaker. So far they're rather lukewarm because we're not yet sure where the show and its characters are headed.

Their discussion on the show is well-detailed, and you can tell that their opinions come from a good understanding of both the story itself and the art of storytelling. The conversation is also free-flowing and packed with ideas so you'll quickly be able to catch up with any nuances that you may have missed while viewing Doctor Who.

I personally enjoyed the parallelisms between Clara's life as a teacher with her new boyfriend Danny, and her life as the Doctor's companion. However, the disparity between her personality and Capaldi's are quite glaring -- it's clear that her character was created to mesh better with Matt Smith's Doctor. And speaking of which, you'll spot a Matt Smith-lookalike in one of the scenes.

The episode also highlights the Doctor's dislike for soldiers per se, as established in the previous episode. I'm not yet sure if this simply pertains to Danny's relationship with Clara (in which we may anticipate a tug-of-war in the near future), or the particular mindlessness and servility that is required of soldiers in general, or even a slight political jab.

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