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In this episode of IGN’s Keepin’ Reel Podcast, hosts Jim, Roth, and Chris dish out their speculations on Captain America 3, which will supposedly take place during the Civil War. Interestingly enough, Robert Downey, Jr. is negotiating to join the movie, where he is supposedly playing the antagonist as surprise -- Tony Stark. So what does this mean for Cap?

The crew also brings up the possible storyline pitfalls of superheroes working for the government, which may or may not result in upholding the common good, plus what its implications are concerning the current political conditions surrounding the [actual] US government.

Marvel has reworked their storylines in such a way that they become more complex as far as their main characters' motivations are involved: one superhero plays the villain, only to come out as an an agent of good after all (or at least an ally of the main superhero), while other roles may also be switched, et al. It's an interesting spin on plot twists, although personally, it makes me wary of how it would play the audience's emotions to create a bigger buzz as far as marketing is concerned.

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