PlanetSide 2 Matt Higby Creative Director Resigns

Creative director of PlanetSide 2 Matt Higby has announced his resignation from Daybreak Game Company (formerly known as Sony Online Entertainment).

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Star Wars: Battlefront Rumors Boast of Large Campaign

The fan sit Making Star Wars has published a very long list of possible leaks of the upcoming EA and DICE Star Wars Battlefront game.

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Resogun Defenders Blasts Off in Feb.17 for PlayStation 4

Resogun, a PlayStation 4 shoot em’ up will have its second DLC pack called Defenders, which will arrive in PlayStation 4 on Feb 17 in North America and Feb 18 in Europe. This second DLC will have two new game modes: Protector and Commando.

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EA Titanfall 2 Won’t Be Exclusive to Xbox One Anymore

EA has teased an upcoming sequel to the successful sci-fi big robot and pilot shooter Titanfall 2 but it said that it won't be an exclusive to Xbox One anymore.

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Battlefield Hardline Beta Hits 5M Players

Battlefield Hardline Beta has started last February 3, which ended on February 9, 2015, celebrating a new milestone that hit around 5 million players.

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Microsoft Xbox One Teases Screenshot Capture Feature

Microsoft boss Phil Spencer teased a beta image of the screenshot capability for Xbox One.

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Battlefield Hardline PC Requirements Have Been Confirmed

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EA has released the confirmed PC requirements for Battlefield Hardline through its post on Origin. Here are the minimum specifications that you need to run the game.

Sega Offers ‘Voluntary Retirement’ to 300 Staff Members

Sega has been in the videogame business since the 8-bit era of consoles, but now they’re focusing on games for smartphone and online PC games. Because of this, 300 positions in the company will be vacated, and the affected staff will be offered early voluntary retirement.

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Metal Gear Rising 2 Teaser Actually Isn’t

In a recent Taipei game show, a trailer featuring a font with styling similar to that of Metal Gear Rising with a number 2 on it was released.

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PlayStation Plus February 2015 Free Games

Sony has announced the upcoming PlayStation Plus subscriber free games for the month of February.

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