Resogun, a PlayStation 4 shoot em’ up will have its second DLC pack called Defenders, which will arrive in PlayStation 4 on Feb 17 in North America and Feb 18 in Europe. This second DLC will have two new game modes: Protector and Commando.

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Protector features one of the last remaining human colonies which you will defend and deliver them back to the city stronghold. . It includes only a handful of new power-ups, Super Boost and Teleport moves.

Commando adds a platform-based game where you play the role of humans from the ground instead of the regular ship that you usually fly. This is a new twist in a single-player, co-op, or a competitive Battle Mode wherein two players are tasked to destroy each other's houses.

There are also new trophies in the final expansion for the game, and the good news is that the Challengers update is free.

Resogun Defenders DLC will be available at around $4.99 as part of the game's season pass.

Here's the trailer for the upcoming Resogun Defenders DLC: