If you are a fan of old games like Gex, Fear Effect, and other old Square Enix games you're in luck. Square Enix is expanding its crowdfunding platform to allow independent developers to pitch ideas to resurrect its old game franchises, using of some of the publishers' intellectual property.

Image source: news.yahoo.com

Square Enix said that they're not necessarily looking for straight sequels of the old game franchises; rather, they want to make them more suitable for today's standard of games. "What would Gex look like in a side-scrolling adventure, or a turn-based strategy?" the company said. "So feel free to mash up genres, and get creative." The company also says they are open to new interpretations of games.

Square Enix Collective was launched last year for developers to pitch game projects which they could also publicly vote for and offer feedback on those concepts. Project lead Phil Elliott says, "I'm excited to see what talented teams might do with any one of Gex, Fear Effect or Anachronox IPs. We'll monitor the response carefully before deciding which IPs to release next."