The fan sit Making Star Wars has published a very long list of possible leaks of the upcoming EA and DICE Star Wars Battlefront game.

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It says on the site that Battlefront will have a massive storyline that revolves around the entire saga. It also includes sections on prequels like Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens. In the previous Star Wars games there is the "Hero System" which allows the player to play specific characters from the movie instead generic game characters.

The game comes in both multiplayer and campaign modes, and the developers of DICE have actually scanned some real-life props from Pinewood Studios to ensure a more realistic feel to the game. The game also has a 64 base player count participating on each sides, with certain maps featuring combat in both space and on the ground.

Star Wars: Battlefront is said to follow Battlefield's direction in terms of DLC deployment, and that it will have a total of five expansions for the game.