Destiny update Patch 1.1.1 is already live and ready for downloading. There are a lot of changes on the patch but the most notable one is the weapon rebalancing and the introduction of Weekly Heroic Strike with match-making activity.

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There are a lot of weapons that were tweaked like the Auto Rifles with a 2.5% reduction base in damage and Pulse Rifles with a 9.7% increase in base damage. Shotguns also were tweaked for PvE and PvP because their damage didn't outweigh the risk.

There are also some changes in the UI, wherein you can now see your reputation or rank level for each. In multiplayer PvP Crucible they made some fixes for heavy ammo that doesn't drop anymore while a Guardian gets killed. Weekly Heroic Strike already has match-making but still none for nightfall strikes or raids.

Here are some list of General fixes:

- Fixed an issue in which armor with perks that increase ammunition carrying capacity resulted in ammunition loss upon respawn
- Decreased over-penetration value for weapons with armor piercing perks
- Fixed an issue where items from the PS3/360 Destiny demo were using old power values. They have been adjusted to regular levels
- Song of Ir Yut weapon tooltip now advertises the correct magazine size
- Shoot to Loot: Two-second cooldown added to perk to prevent extra ammunition gains while ammunition bricks despawn
- Dark Breaker perk will now correctly damage Hive Shriekers
- Snap Discharge will now increase attack speed as per the description
- Thunderer perk now has priority on the 4th Horseman tooltip
- Full Auto: Fixed issues in which the weapon perk stopped working while the trigger was being held down

You can check out the full details of Patch 1.1.1 here.