Destiny has been partnered with Red Bull on a promotional offering for XP boost items and an extra quest in the upcoming The Taken King expansion. Now, Dying Light developer Techland has responded by making fun with a satire of the ad. The developer wrote on Twitter, "We're jumping on the latest trend in game marketing!"


The Developers of Dying Light explained the ad says "Post a picture of you drinking a glass of water with the tag #DrinkingRightDyingLight and get your code for a premium weapon docket." They also added, "Ever stopped to wonder how extremely awesome water is? It's natural, vegan, and sugar-free. It's also delicious and good for your health. And even better, it's basically free."

Destiny: The Taken King's quest will be unlocked via special codes on specially marked cans of Red Bull. Red Bull cans are available during July in 7-11 stores. The expansion will launch in September.