Odds Favor ‘Hunger Games’ in MTV Awards

At the MTV Awards 2012, the Hunger Games has bagged the the most popcorn trophies, including Best Fight Scene, Best On-Screen Transformation, and Best Male and Female Performances for lead stars Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson. Four wins out of eight nominations isn't bad at all!

The rest of the awards went to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2" for Best Cast and Best Hero, while The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn won Movie of The Year, with stars Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson bagging the Best Kiss award for the fourth straight year.

The tongue-in-cheek comedy Bridesmaids also received awards for the Best Gut-Wrenching Performance for the food poisoning scene, and Melissa McCarthy won the Best Comedic Performance award. Shailene Woodley won the Breakthrough Performance award for her role in The Descendants, Jennifer Aniston snagged the Best On-Screen Dirtbag trophy for Horrible Bosses and LMFAO's Party Rock Anthem got the Best Music award for 21 Jump Street.

Check them out and other stars making waves in this video update:

Did you think the awardees were deserving of their trophies? Or should they have gotten Razzies instead?

Get Lost With Upcoming Star Audrianna Cole

Just a few hours ago, one of my best friends sent me a link to indie artist Audrianna Cole, commenting that she ‘sounds like Adele.’ Well, for me Audrianna doesn’t quite sound like the award-winning Brit sensation, but her voice carries a distinctly soulful and melancholic punch. After listening to You've Got My Heart,  an upbeat track with a walk-in-the-park vibe, I was hooked.


She was nominated for the 'Best Pop Artist' award in very first Artists in Music Awards at the Key Club in West Hollywood last February 2012. And last April, Universal Music Pblishing signed her up to be one of their newest artists.

Check out her latest release, I'd Get Lost With You, a haunting profession of love. Kleenex, please.

You can view more of her videos in her YouTube Channel and purchase her albums at her iTunes website.

Michelle Phan’s Makeup Tutorials for Bespectacled Beauties

YouTube makeup sensation Michelle Phan’s latest video tutorial Class with Glass features techniques on creating an elegant look for women who wear glasses (like me). Since her first foray into the video tutorial scene back in 2007, Phan has blossomed into a gorgeous lady who conquered the makeup industry and audiences with her artistic and experimental style in her Youtube channel.

Watch her latest tutorial below:

Also, you can try out her other chic looks for specs here. Being a four-eyes has never been so flirty!

New Spider-Man Trailer Features ‘The Lizard’

You may have already seen the first trailer for Marc Webb’s upcoming movie The Amazing Spider-Man. This time, a second trailer has just been released featuring Spidey’s archnemesis, The Lizard.

Rhys Ihfans plays Dr. Curt Connors, who transforms into a mutant lizard after ODing on lizard DNA. His main mission? To turn humans into super-reptiles. You’ll also get a glimpse of Spidey’s newest gadgets, which I’m sure are crafted mostly for merchandising purposes. What, I've always wanted a web shooter that actually works since I was six.

The movie is set for release on July 3, and although I'm not expecting it to reach blockbuster status, I'm still anticipating a pretty good watch. Especially since:

Let us know what you think of the trailer, 'kay?

Gotye: Got Baggage?

If you’ve been in a breakup where friendship isn’t an option, then savor Belgian-Australian artist Gotye‘s critically acclaimed single, Somebody That I Used to Know, featuring Kimbra.

In the song, the man starts off with being complacent about his ex-lover’s claim to ‘still be friends,’ then later becomes embittered when she finally decides to cut off all ties. It builds to a crescendo from the third verse where the woman points out how the man ruined their relationship with his issues from his previous one — and it has happened again.

So in a nutshell, Mr. Supposedly Heartbroken is whinging about his ex-lover shutting him out because she decided she's had enough of him wallowing in baggage from another past relationship. I mean, come fricken on! You can't just screw up a relationship then hope to still keep in touch just to excuse yourself from the responsibility of messing up. That's for wieners.

If this has happened to you, with whom can you relate more -- Gotye or Kimbra?

Anyway, this catchy and brilliantly insightful tune also happens to be my husband's and son's current favorite, and they've played it so much that it's been stuck in my head for 4 days and counting. So far I'm impressed with Gotye's soothing yet heartfelt style. If you share the same sentiments, you can listen to more of his work HERE.

Want More Drama?

A few days ago, Belgium channel Telenet (TNT) installed a curious-looking fixture in a relatively quiet local town square. The fixture consisted of a box, topped with a big red button, with a large arrow dangling over it that says, “Push to Add Drama.”

How could you not want to press a button like that? It’s big, red, and shiny. SHINY.

Some intrepid passersby did press it, and you can see what happens next:

Stüssy’s Facebook Campaign Earns Mucho Dislike

Amsterdam-based edgewear line Stüssy has launched a Facebook ad campaign that has quickly earned its fair share of controversy. The campaign, Strip for Likes, calls for Facebook users to Like a fully-clothed model’s photo, wherein the model gradually strips off layers of her outfit based on how many Likes she gets.

Arnold Amsterdam concocted this campaign, with Creative Director Colin Lamberton stating, “As you can imagine the model must be suffocating under that many layers of clothing. It is almost a public duty to free her out of this misery so we are expecting Facebook fans to help out here. Like and undress."

However, some reacted to the program, calling it 'misogynistic' and 'degrading.' Since the idea was born in Amsterdam where nudity is not quite an issue, this could be more of a cultural gap between locals and foreign consumers. Also, the brand aims for 'edge and rumor' built around its image so it seems to have achieved that well. But the biggest question that hangs over the public's heads is, where does the strict implementation of Facebook's policy figure in here now, where it states, "You must not use Facebook features or functionality, such as the Like button, as a voting mechanism for a promotion."?

Chriselle Lim Wears A Piece of Fabric 20 Ways

Budget fashionistas out there will dig fashion stylist Chriselle Lim’s creativity with this piece of cloth, which she deftly transforms into 20 outfits. Also, this video’s clever editing helps keep the viewer’s interest, especially since Chriselle’s voice seems a tad muffled here.

Thank you, Chriselle, for making me want to introduce my scissors to our drapes.

Watch more of her snazzy and fashion-forward videos IN HER CHANNEL!

Epic Meal Time’s Tyler Morenstein Chews the Fat on SourceFed

In this SourceFed interview hosted by Elliott Morgan, Tyler Morenstein, aka. The Sauce Boss, talks about his no-textbooks approach as a teacher before making it big on YouTube. He also shares how he and his crew got together to train for the coronary-inducing food pornfest Epic Meal Time. Stick around for the ubiquitous bacon weave scene at 3:24:

Also, don't miss the hot girl feeding scene at 3:50, plus a Canadian street fight tale, a burger eating contest, and no-holds barred profanity!

Of course, if you're a food luvva like me, you wanna check out (and subscribe to) his show Epic Meal Time, which will leave you hankering for summa that extra sawwwwwssss.

Sofia Vergara’s Racy Esquire Shoot Goes on The Philip DeFranco Show

and other news. While the Modern Family hottie steams up the cover and pages of Esquire magazine, Philip DeFranco covers more serious news tidbits in this episode such as employers asking for their staff's Facebook passwords, the prison industry, and a follow-up to the Trayvon Martin shooting. But it doesn't stop there. Phil also discusses the fans' outrage over the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie, wherein according to the host,"...Michael Bay told them to calm their vaginas down." That, and Taylor Momsen getting a lap dance from porn babe Jenna Haze.

Watch it all and more right here, and stay tuned for more updates at The Philip DeFranco Show!

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