Anatomy Of A Movie Podcast

To date, we’ve featured a good number of movie podcasts here on iPodder but none of have is quite like what I’m about to tell you.

Sunflex Enters Battle Of Microconsoles With Unu

The market isn’t even that huge yet nor is there even hardly a huge demand for microconsoles but the arena is already getting crowded. Aside from Green Throttle, Ouya, NVidia Shield, GamePop, and GameStick, new competitors still keep on coming out of the woodwork.

Brains On! Podcast

Brains On! is a nice educational podcast for kids where they can learn more about the stuff that they usually experience and encounter in their day to day life.

Quick Tips On How To Increase Your Podcast Audience

It’s been a long time since we posted something for the podcasters here on iPodder, so I thought I’d post one now. Here are a few tips on how you, as a podcaster, can increase your audience.

George Lucas Not Completely Out Of ‘Star Wars’ Just Yet

Disney may have already bought the rights to the Star Wars franchise from George Lucas but it seems like it didn’t necessarily mean that he could have no more say in the production of any future projects

Learn To Meditate Podcast

Learn To Meditate, that’s pretty much what the gist is of today’s featured podcast, so whether you’re currently going through a lot of stress lately and

Check Out This Funny Korean Parody Of Grand Theft Auto V

OK, so I know that some of you out there – specifically those who’ve been playing GTA Online for the past few days – are currently frustrated right now because

Top 3 Worst Movies Of 2013

Since we’ve already arrived at the last quarter of 2013, now would be a good time to finally announce what I think is this year’s Top 3 Worst Movies.

Revolutions Podcast With Mike Duncan

While there may be quite a good number of podcasts out there that talk about history, hardly any of them, if not none of them at all focuses on

A History Of Oil Podcast

Ask people what they know about oil and chances are that they’ll tell you something about what it is commonly used for: for cooking, as a lubricant, as a source for fuel. But that is just the tip of the iceberg.

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