The Crazy Ones

Fall has already arrived and with it comes a new batch of brand new TV shows that are vying for our time and attention during prime time.

Enjoy Great Podcasts on iPodder!

Finding for a good podcast program can be such a daunting and troublesome task.

Breaking Bad Predictions [SPOILERS]

Breaking Bad – Vince Gilligan’s Emmy award-winning crime drama series finally came to a close on Sunday night (Sept. 29) as it aired its very last episode on AMC

Relations: The Podcast

Do you think that you’re currently engaged in one of those so-called ‘It’s Complicated’-type of relationships? If so, then you might want to try and check out Relations,

Chris Oatley’s Artcast

Whether you’re a professional or simply still just an aspiring artist who’s looking to make or break it in to the animation industry then you might want to listen to Chris Oatley’s Artcast. Why?

3 Recommended Tech News Podcasts

Today I’m going to be recommending you to three video podcasts that deliver great content when it comes to bringing you the latest tech-related new

Today We Learned Podcast

Today We Learned is a podcast where hosts Razzle and Dan share all of the things that they’ve just learned as they scour the internet on a daily basis looking for some of the most interesting facts and trivia that the world has to offer.

Microsoft To Release Xbox One A Week After PS4 Was It A Wrong Move

If you’re one of the many excited gamers out there who’s planning to get one of the early batches of next-gen consoles this coming November then chances are that you’ve either already made your pre-order this summer or that you’ve already begun saving up for it.

Parenting Teens Online Podcast

Teen issues have been hobbling around for all parents out there as they have become more uncontrollable nowadays. With the likes of Lindsay, Miley and the rest of the popular celebrity teens doing drastic changes in their lives as they grow up, many kids have been influenced by them and it's not always a good thing.


Handling teens are hard task especially if they're in the middle of crisis. As personal problems hound them, life becomes worse if they can’t handle them properly and as a result, it affects their personal relationships at home. This podcast will definitely give parents the needed ideas to understand them better.

Parenting Teens Online
is a podcast that will help you solve your problems with your teenage kid. Expert Renee Hobbs lets you ask questions and she’ll answer them. Each episodes show you the necessary things so you can have a good relationship with your kids. Telling stories and giving healthy advice, parents will definitely learn a lot from this podcast.

Here’s one of the episodes which is about teen anger, on how to handle and pacify it. The story lets you know on what to do if and when this happen to you. These tips are surely be of great help. Listen to the episode via this link.

The Rad Daddy Family Drive

One doesn’t have to be a parent to have an idea of how grueling driving can be when you have a couple of restless kids sitting in the back seat, especially when you’re in heavy traffic or worse, a road trip.

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