Doubt The Doubts

Do you find yourself constantly daydreaming about things you wish you could have done but are afraid of doing simply because you’re afraid you might fail?

Gran Turismo Documentary In The Works

Back in 1998, Sony Computer Entertainment and Polyphony Digital released Gran Turismo, a game that not only set the bar high when it comes to creating good quality driving games but also probably just blurred the line separating video games and real-life driving simulators.

Fox Responds To Arnold Schwarzenegger ‘Avatar 2 Rumor’

An article that was posted on the Latino Review on Monday (Sept. 16) generated quite a bit of a buzz after it stated that Arnold Schwarzenegger has been cast to play the role of a “bad guy human general” in James Cameron’s sequel to Avatar.

Image source: Screencrush

According to the film website, top level sources report that the character is going to be played by someone who hasn’t worked with Cameron for almost 20 years. And since Arnold’s last movie with the acclaimed director was made 19 years ago (with True Lies back in 1994), you have to admit that that factoid alone kind of fits the description or criteria pretty well.

As far as credibility and accuracy of the claims is concerned, the website has been on roll of breaking acting scoops as of late; i.e. the short list of actors to play The Flash and Bradley Cooper voicing the Rocket Raccoon in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. Even Empire agrees, saying that it makes a whole lot of sense since Arnie’s film career could use a little bump since all, if not most of the movies he has appeared in has been straight up bum juice.

But then the following day (Tuesday) a spokesperson for 20th Century Fox came out and debunked the rumor saying that there’s “No truth to this.”

Still though, some are hoping that the denial is just part of the studio’s way of trying to keep a lid on things as far as plot details and sensitive negotiations are concerned.

What is your take though? When it comes to leaked information about a movie, who would you trust more: the inside sources or the studio reps?

Fans Express Who They Want To Cast In ’50 Shades of Grey’

Thousands of fans of the best-selling novel Fifty Shades of Grey were livid after they heard who the actors were that are going to play the role of the two lead characters in the upcoming movie adaptation.

Sony PS Vita TV = Budget Console?

While the rest of the world finally get their hands on the highly-anticipated next-gen console this November from Sony, gamers in Japan have no choice but to wait it out until February next year. But they will however get their hands on something else – the Playstation Vita TV.

PS Vita TV
Image source: engadget

Sony surprised everyone on Monday (September 9) when it introduced the tiny 6cm x 10cm gadget that will let you play PS Vita games on a TV without actually owning a PS Vita. This nice piece of hardware is said to be Sony’s answer to Ouya and – get this – even Apple TV or Chromecast! How so, you might ask? Because aside from playing games with the Vita TV, you can also run apps like Twitter, and stream content from media services like Hulu, Niconico, Sony Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited!

With the PS Vita TV, users will be able to play over a hundred PS Vita games using a Dual Shock 3 controller. That said, you won’t be able to play the entire library of PS Vita games since some of them require control functions the touch screen, touch pad, front facing camera, or a microphone. But Sony did assure that a patch will eventually be provided to provide functionality with the Playstation 4 controller that should increase the number to 1,300 PS Vita titles, which doesn’t even yet include the 600 PSP digital games and the other 600 PS One titles. Furthermore, once the PS4 is released, PS Vita will also allow you to remote play PS4 games on another TV.

PS Vita will cost ¥9,954 ($99) and ¥14,280 ($150) if bundled with a Dual Shock 3 controller. It will be released on November 14, 2013 but ONLY in Japan, with an international release date yet to be announced.

Now is it just me or am I already stretching it if I compare Sony’s PS Vita TV to Apple’s iPhone 5C, and the PS4 to the iPhone 5S? Anyway, what do you think of the PS Vita TV? Will get one or not? Speak your mind in the comments section below.

Playstation® Vita TV Global Concept Movie

Grand Theft Auto V Map Leaked

With its release date just around the corner, gamers (especially Grand Theft Auto fans) are becoming more and more anxious to get their more new info and details about the game. Well, one just popped up online on Tuesday (Sept. 10) but it’s not something that everyone would want to know about as it can have an effect on how one would play the game; it’s like spoilers for movies. You should already know what it is as it’s already indicated on this post’s title above.

Grand Theft Auto 5

Image source: gadgetreview

As it turned out, the game’s map was leaked over at Reddit. According to Forbes, the image of the map (which has already been deleted in Reddit, by the way) came from a “prematurely released copy of Brady Games’ strategy guide” and shows the city of Los Santos together with its neighboring counties Blaine and Los Santos. The whole area of the map is huge, so huge in fact that it kind of only proves that Rockstar Games wasn’t exaggerating when it boasted that GTA 5 is bigger than three of its previous open-world titles combined – GTA 4, GTA: San Andreas, and Red Dead Redemption. The shot of the map gives viewers an indication of the full size and scale of the city, which will certainly provide players with lots of things to do and explore.

If you want to take a peek at the map, you can still check it over here at NeoGAF. Otherwise, read on and ignore the link.

Speaking of Rockstar Games, the company has declined to make any comment about the leak, particularly on its authenticity. However it did stress that it has nothing to do with it.

Grand Theft Auto 5 arrives on September 17. GTA Online on the other hand, will launch on October 1 as a free update to the game.

Grand Theft Auto V: The Official Trailer

Guys Have No Game

The dating scene can be a cruel place sometimes, especially for those who don’t have thick skin. And relationships? Not good for the faint of heart. One would think that people with good-looks like celebrities would have it easier but that, it seems, couldn’t be any more further from the truth. Which brings us to today’s featured podcast.


Coming from one of the authors of the book Guys Have No Game: A Book of First Impressions is a fresh new podcast of the same name hosted by actor/comedian Geoff Keith where he interviews actors, models, musicians, comedians and other known celebrities and entertainment personalities about their triumphs and failures with the opposite sex.

Keep tuning in to Guys Have No Game, and who knows? Geoff’s next guest might just surprise you as being someone who you wouldn’t thought would have any bad experience when it comes to dating (i.e. being rejected and stood up). The interviews are very entertaining and you can definitely relate to the guest’s stories which are quite down to earth if I may say so, considering that they’re coming celebrities and rock stars. You can even learn a thing or two from some of them as they tell you what they did or could have done in one those difficult and unbearable situations.

You can check out what episodes of GHNG are already currently available either on iTunes or over at its official page.

Sparkle Stories Podcast

Here’s another great podcast that parents can have their kids listen to as they tuck them in to bed at night. Sparkle Stories is a fairly new story-telling podcast in iTunes that runs every week and provides fresh and original stories that children will surely love.


The stories provide some great ideas for kids that’ll help them develop their creativity. What the listeners love about this podcast is not just the quality of the stories themselves which are very engaging while at the same time not over-stimulating, but also the way it is delivered; the narrator/voice actor’s voice is soothing and not at all annoying. Again, the stories are so beautifully written that most of the testimonials about this podcast include mentions of favorite episodes.

Listening to the stories in this podcast doesn’t have to be limited to being bedtime stories, of course. Parents can also play this in the car during long commutes to keep the kids from being bored. Also, teachers can use this podcast too by having it played during class, whether to enhance their listening skills or simply just to send them to their short afternoon siestas.

Sparkle Stories have been around for a long time (in case you’re still not yet familiar with it or heard of it), it is only just recently that they made the stories available in podcast format… much to the delight of both loyal and new listeners.

You can visit their official website for more info or iTunes channel for a complete episode listing.

Bryan Cranston Debunks Lex Luthor Rumors

About a couple of weeks ago, we posted an article telling you about the rumor that spread across the internet claiming that Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston was casted to play the role of Superman’s arch-rival Lex Luthor in Zack Snyder’s planned Man of Steel sequel.

Title For ‘Transformers 4′ Revealed

The subtitle of the fourth installment to Michael Bay’s Transformers movie has just been revealed via exclusive announcement on Yahoo! Movies and it may have only just reaffirmed the speculations on which ‘new’ robot characters the viewing public can expect to see just before any glimpse of the mechanized aliens is finally revealed (or leaked).

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