Inside the Magic Podcast

For news and information on everything about Disney and its theme park, tune in to Inside the Magic.

Nintendo 2DS Great for Young Gamers

When Nintendo announced its latest 2DS, many gamers have raised their eyebrows and reacted in such a way that the company must have been kidding.

Evil Blond Kid

This is storytelling like you’ve never had before. Evil Blond Kid is a podcast about different stories which are “not for kids”.

Tips on Branding Your Podcast

One of the most important aspects of setting up a podcast site is branding. It enables you to establish your podcast among listeners so before you launch your podcast, you must

Cancelled Justice League Script Leaked Online

Before Marvel released The Avengers, its rival, DC’s Justice League, has already got a script back in 2007 and was ready for work.

StoryCorps Podcast

StoryCorps provides people of all beliefs and backgrounds with the opportunity to share, record and preserve various stories which each of us can relate to.

Bluemouth Interactive Expands in Asia

Bluemouth Interactive, the leading entertainment accessory supplier in Australia and New Zealand, will set up shop in Asia according to a report by IGN.

MusicRadar Features Joe Satriani and Steve Morse Podcast

Here’s a podcast episode of MusicRadar featuring Joe Satriani and Deep Purple’s Steve Morse to answer all of your music-related questions.

3 Worst Films from Summer 2013

This summer, we saw many films that excited us before they got released, but unfortunately some of them didn’t live up to their hype when they finally hit theaters.

The Wake Up Call: Shopping for Chocolate

If you want to get tips for healthy living, The Wake Up Call podcast will definitely help you achieve your goals.

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