Comedy 4cast: Episode 302 Celebrating SciFi

Comedy4cast is a humor podcast that is family-oriented with a friendly approach to the listeners. Created by Clinton (not the President), It has been nominated for several podcasting awards and won a few of them, so it shows how nice the episodes are here, although it has never been highlighted on iTunes.

Lego Star Wars Father’s Day Special Video

This is a wonderful video from Lego you must see. Remember the famous line on Stars Wars’ Empire Strikes Back when Darth Vader revealed to Luke Skywalker that he is his father and the latter just couldn’t accept it? Lego has made a nice twist on that story specially made for this year’s Father’s Day celebration. This video shows the dad and son tandem of Darth Vader and Luke, who are both having a good time bonding together.

Pod Academy: Arts and Culture Podcast

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The Pod Academy podcast is an independent non-profit podcast for academic research that was set up by group of journalists, academics and IT experts.

The Lifestyle Business Podcast

If you’re looking for a way to expand your business, be it an entrepreneurial venture or within corporate ranks, then The Lifestyle Business Podcast is for you. Started in 2009, hosts Dan and Ian share their experiences with other entrepreneurs via this show every Thursday morning.


Episode 155 is about the power of negative action and leveraging the inevitable changes as a small entrepreneur. It’s inspired by a book titled Anti-Fragile by Nassim Nicholas Taleb.

Upon listening to the discussion, I learned that one has to embrace a positive attitude in order to do things effectively. This opens your mind to exploring new ideas and solutions for your business.

This episode also encourages you to rethink your action plans, as it showcases different effective work and management principles. You'll find ways to build concrete changes and understand the benefits of financial wealth much better. The hosts also share 6 steps towards anti-fragility for you to incorporate in your decisions.

Listen to Episode 55 and see how you can apply its principles in your business strategy today.

Princess Diana Biopic Trailer is Out

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Image source: Timeinc.Net

Princess Diana was known as the people’s princess, a fashion and style icon, and one of the most popular and well-loved women in the world. Her untimely death made everyone mourn her loss and now, the princess comes back to life in the upcoming biopic.

Played by Naomi Watts, Princess Di definitely has come back. Watts did a very good job in impersonating her gestures, mannerisms, the way she wear her clothes as well as interacting with people. But what’s so surprising is how closely she resembles the late princess with her layered short haircut, her eyelashes, and her shy, head-down, eyes-up trademark smile.

Here we get a glimpse of the film’s trailer that depicts Diana caught amidst the pressures of fame. The biopic boasts of a grand production, from red carpets to designer ball gowns, to glamorous locations.

This story focuses on the last years of Diana’s life, so we’re about to see at least what happened during those times before her fatal car crash in August 1997.

Earth Eats Real Food Green Living Podcast

Healthy living means eating the right kind of food and having regular exercise. Here’s a podcast that could very well help you with choosing the right diet for your lifestyle and body.

podcast, food

Earth Eats, hosted by Annie Corrigan and Chef Daniel Orr, is a weekly podcast that brings you the latest recipes inspired by local food agriculture. Everything featured here is organic, so you can enjoy an all-natural menu.

This podcast brings interviews with farmers, the latest food news, tips you can try at home and more. It will boost your knowledge about food and help you understand your basic food needs. It also features blogs, videos, and recipes so if you’re not in the mood for listening to the podcast, you can read about their updates in the official site instead.

I really like this podcast because you get a lot of good information about food, plus interesting trivia, which includes off-topic conversations.

One of its episodes, Kick Off Grilling Season With Barbecue And Rhubarb, describes the characteristics of a decent barbecue and how to achieve it, and an explanation why a falling-off-the-bone rib just doesn’t meet the standard. Corrigan is joined by food writer Lynn Schwartzberg on the set. Meanwhile, in the kitchen, Chef Daniel Orr explains how to make the featured recipe of the day. Listen up now and see how you can improve your own grilling experience!

Top 5 Youtube Viral Videos for 2013

Youtube has been one of the most popular sites in the internet that gives viewers total visual entertainment that otherwise may not be available on TV. If you want to get noticed, just post your own video on Youtube and you might be the next big thing around the world.

Below are top 5 Youtube videos that went viral for the first half of 2013.

Mariska A.K.A. Houdini
Have you ever seen a horse that’s capable of opening the stall doors and anything else that might have food in it? Mariska can. Skeptical? Check out how she does it. According to Misty Sandy, she has been doing it for years, even doing it in front of them.

Cat Meets Snow (Original)
From racehorse to pet, another animal has made it to the list, a cat. Who wouldn’t love it? Cats are adorable pets and this video shows how cute Fletcher was when he went into the snow for the first time.

Worlds Cutest Frog - Desert Rain Frog
Frogs are known to be slimy and icky but this particular specie may change our view. The Desert Rain frog is probably the cutest frog there is, because it looks like a cartoon character that could be mistaken for a toy because of the defensive cry it creates. Hats off to Dean Boshoff for filming the rare encounter with this creature.

Woman with The Largest Hips in the World
Meet Mikel Ruffinelli, the woman with the largest hips in the world. Her hips measure a staggering eight feet which got the attention by many.

Trick Shot Titus 2 (ft. Jimmy Kimmel & Gregg Marshall)
The list wouldn’t be complete without Titus, the wonder kid who shoots hoops so well that NCAA coach Gregg Marshall couldn’t wait for him to reach his 18th birthday and recruit him on his team. Just 2 years of age, he’s able to shoot some trick shots even professionals aren’t capable of doing. And he beat Jimmy Kimmel in a shootout contest at his late-night show.

‘The Purge’ Tops This Week’s Box Office with $36.4M

Image source: Mydesert.Com

One of the films that grossed so well without spending that much is the suspense thriller The Purge. The film topped this week’s box office with a $36.4 million earnings on its opening that shocked everyone.

The Purge’s plot is set in a utopic United States in the year 2022, where crime has been eradicated except for one violent day in a year where crime is legal. Ethan Hawke and Lena Headey star in the film that is produced by Paranormal Activity producer Jason Blum and written and directed by James DeMonaco.

This is one of those rare cases where a relatively low-budget film outsells its competitors, and the film outfit and producers definitely are happy with the results. The horror movie was made for just a budget of $3 million and what it earned in the opening was way beyond expectations. Universal had expected an audience of high teens, which opened strong with late night screenings, grabbing $3.4 million ticket sales on Thursday night alone.

Because of its success, Universal says it's likely they will shoot a sequel or prequel to it, or release another film in the same genre so expect it in the near future.

What could be the probable reason for this? Perhaps the viewers have been craving for a good suspense horror film for quite some time now, since no horror movies have been released lately.

Watch the trailer for The Purge here:

Here are the top 5 grossers for the week:

1. The Purge, $36.4 million.
2. Fast & Furious 6, $19.8 million ($45.3 million international).
3. Now You See Me, $19.5 million ($2 million international).
4. The Internship, $18.1 million.
5. Epic, $12.1 million ($12.7 million international).

Eye on Basketball Podcast

It’s the 2013 NBA Finals and what better way is there to tune in for its updates here than on CBS Sports’ Eye on Basketball Podcast.

This podcast is basically all about the NBA so if you’re a fan of the league and the sport in general, this podcast is definitely worth listening to. Topics include player stats, game summaries, analysis and commentaries on the game and more, which are discussed by hosts Zach Harper and Matt Moore, plus several other special guests.


For this episode with Gregg Doyel of, the three recorded the podcast at a hotel room, so the audio tends to reverberate more than usual. Since the game is set at Miami Heat’s home court, they’re covering the entire event on location.

They give out their honest opinions here, which may be a bit sarcastic and offensive for those people who live there because of the negative comments they share. Fans may not like what negatives they’re about to say about their home team, but then again the host and guest deliver a fair and balanced discussion. It’s not all praises for LeBron and company.

About the series between San Antonio Spurs and Miami Heat, it’s a very interesting matchup and the hosts analyze what happened during Game 1, which the Spurs won in a closed match, and what adjustments should be needed for the next games.

Listen to one of the current episodes of the podcast.

How was Your Week? Podcast: Hidden Secrets Episode

In this featured podcast, we’ll bring you one of the most hilarious shows on the net. Julie Klausner is the host of the podcast How was Your Week?, a show that basically discusses anything.


You’ll be hearing about her daily life experiences, trends in TV, movies, the Internet and more, all in a single episode, so you’ll definitely get hooked once she’s in the driver seat and sharing her opinions. Since she talks about anything, you need to keep up with her because she makes it a point to keep her show as interesting as possible.

It’s a nice podcast to tune in to as hilarious comments come across from her mouth whenever she talks about the latest buzz. But not only does she share her opinions, she also shares juicy bits of trivia from wherever she can get it.

In this Hidden Secrets episode, she shares behind-the-scenes info from various movies, TV shows, and celebrity gossip, with gems that you may not hear anywhere else.

Check it out now, and visit the podcast’s official site to listen to the rest of her episodes!

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