You Can Now Trade Your Old iPhone for a New Model


The competition is getting stronger in the world of mobile devices. Different brands have emerged, namely the China-made brands but two of the most popular names that stand out are Samsung and iPhone.

The two top brands, which have been battling head-to-head, have released new models to outclass the other. And for the first time, Apple, the company that brought us the iPhone, now allows users to trade their old iPhones for new models according to a report.

This indeed is good news for iPhone lovers. But on the company’s side, it says otherwise as it shows that their market has been dwindling since their release of the iPhone 5, thanks to Samsung’s rise to dominance.

On the other hand, this movement may benefit Apple's sales because this may help increase their market share more. Since Apple has a solid fan base, these customers will remain loyal and may not switch to other brands once this swapping system is established.

For many years Apple has been the dominant force in the market, and now that they have faced a worthy competitor in Samsung, it will be up to the company as to what strategy would they take to retain their loyal customers and attract new clientele.

Let’s see what counterattack Samsung will undertake against Apple in the weeks to come.

The National Gallery Podcast

For people who are into the arts, The National Gallery Podcast is one of the best places in the net to tune in. The site offers everything about art and other related topics.


Aside from the podcast, their site features all the artists’ creations from different eras. You have the alphabetical order of names so it’s easier for the users to find who they are searching for and on its chart are the paintings that span from different centuries.

You can also shop from the gallery’s most popular masterpieces. So you have a podcast and a gallery combined.

The National Gallery is based in Europe and keeps the national collection of classic Western European painting from the 13th to the 19th centuries. It is open for show 361 days a year and free of charge.

The podcast episodes feature upcoming events and exhibitions as well as exclusive interviews from the artists, plus a behind-the-scenes peek at the Gallery.

An episode runs for about 20 minutes so and currently it's on the 80th episode where the topic is about Vermeer -- the musical. Other discussions also include discovering the links between music and Dutch art, plus Gainsborough’s technique and masterpieces from the Barber Institute.

The Strength Coach Podcast

Getting fit and lean is easier said than done. You may have resolved to do this at the start of the year, only to fall off the wagon a week later. If you’re one of those people who did that, don’t worry, you can still catch up with proper training and good motivation.


Here’s a podcast that will keep you motivated with your goals throughout the year and the years to come. Coach Michael Boyle welcomes you to his podcast, The Strength Coach Podcast wherein in he invites a number of coaches to review exercises and give their personal opinions and comments on it. Every week, new exercise routines are being discussed here, so this will help you further on your knowledge about the program.

Coach’s corner gives you in-depth information about the latest trends happening today to improve strength training and get you fit the right way. He also discusses what can help strengthen the human body so you can apply it into your routine and reach your peak form.

But take note that the discussions here are not for beginners, but for advanced to intermediate levels. If you're a beginner, you can use this podcast as a supplement to other health podcasts instead.

Aside from strength tips, other topics like current news can be encountered here from time to time so this podcast is not just solely focused on exercise programs throughout the show. It has diversity as well that will keep you guys tuned in. Check it out now!

Will the Next Doctor Who Be a Woman?


TV’s most loved hero was able to survive the struggles that had happened, but Matt Smith has announced that he would quit Doctor Who after the 2013 Christmas special.

Doctor Who
Image source: BBC.Co.Uk

So far, the Doctor has been played by men, white men to be precise, and alternate versions have been entirely white. With the passing of time, this would be a perfect timing for a change.

Who do you think should be the next doctor? Guess it’s best to have a woman playing the role. For quite a long time, women are relegated to secondary roles, but times they are a-changin’, according to Dylan. Women have been able to do the things that men are capable of doing and they’ve proven that they can bring home the bacon as well.

Reports have it that actresses that are being eyed to play the role include Helen Mirren who admitted she would like to play the new female version of Doctor Who and not just a sidekick. Other names that came up were Olivia Colman, comedienne Miranda Heart, Ruth Jones, co-writer of Gavin and Stacy, Billie Piper, Great British Bake-Off host Sue Perkins.

The only risks for this move are the fans' approval, and how it will affect the show's ratings. How about you, do you want the next Doctor to be a female? If so, who? Leave your thoughts in the comments section!

VideoGamer UK Podcast : The Last of Us, Xbox One Discussion, Microsoft at E3 2013


If you’re a video game geek, then you might love VideoGamer UK podcast. I may not be a big gaming fan, but the show gave me some important insights on gaming which helps to keep up with my gamer buddies.

It’s an interesting show as the guys discuss the latest games, playing tips and techniques, their personal opinions on what’s hot and what’s not, and more. They also give preview updates so you’ll know if the game you want to play may be good or not.

Aside from games, they also discuss the differences between the latest game consoles such as the Xbox One which they demoed in this episode.

The podcast's audio quality is very clear so you’ll never have a problem listening to the hosts. But sometimes their thick British accents can make understanding them a little difficult, so you might have to replay some of the parts that are unclear to you.

Here’s an episode of the podcast about Xbox One.

Trick Shot Titus ft. Jimmy Kimmel

Do you believe a person who is born natural? Here’s an example of a phenom who at a very young age could the hoops better than the average players or even professional ones. You might have seen him before as he became a trending topic in the net and here he is once again to show us some of his latest tricks.

Take note, the kid is barely two-and-a-half years old and he has done trick shots only pros can do. Jimmy Kimmel is featured on the vid and he’s one of the guys who get awed at the amazing talent this toddler has.

The name of the boy Is Titus, a very adorable child who seems to like playing hoops so much, and he’ll show us why college coach Gregg Marshall couldn’t wait to get him on the team (still a long wait before he reaches college). He has appeared previously on Jimmy Kimmel’s late night show and he beat him on the shootout, making Kimmel block some of his shots.

Titus definitely made my day.

Here is his guest appearance on Kimmel’s show.

Watch Titus’ latest tricks.

TSN 1050 Podcast


TSN Podcast is a Canadian-based podcast that brings you all the updates on all the leagues of different sports such as NFL, NBA, MLB, CFL, NHL, NCAA, MMA and more. It has a wide range of shows to select from, and will give you total information on what’s happening around that certain league and its players, coaches, etc.

You may have mistaken it for ESPN as the font and logo are quite the same, and the shows are also about sports.

One of the podcasts here is the TSN 1050. For the May 31 episode, hosts Bryan Hayes and Jeff O’Neill discuss about the interesting draft, the top 3 picks in NHL, player movements, scouts for different teams working in Europe and finding true talent, having a great eye and patience in getting that special guy for a team.

This episode is all about what’s latest in the world of ice hockey. Both guys give out their ideas and analyze what’s going to happen to teams if they screw up on their picks this coming season.

If you’re a big hockey fan specially of NHL, better check this out.

Things That Piss Off Everyone in Your Office

An office is a place for work and when you have a co-worker who seem to care less about the surroundings by doing unnecessary activities that should be done elsewhere, most probably at home, it’s pretty annoying to the point you get distracted and your work suffers as well.

So here’s a video that shows you different things a person does that could definitely piss anyone at work, which points to how you can have a better working relationship with your colleagues.

Some of the examples shown here, like I said earlier, have a proper venue for it.

If you need to exercise, then just do it at your desk and just do simple routines like stretching. Bringing in clunky equipment are a big no-no as using them in the workplace may cause accidents and unwanted injuries. Clipping nails should be done at home and not in the office nor in public places. Getting into the flow of music while listening using a headset is good, but singing loudly? Now that’s a different story.

Yes, these things happen in any office environment so better be courteous and respect your colleagues, as you’re not the only person there. It's good manners, plain and simple.

Amanda Bynes’ Drama Continues, NYPD Chiefs Find No Evidence on Mistreatment Claims

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Image source: CBC.Ca

Move over Lindsay Lohan, because here’s the latest news trendsetter that people would forget about your mischievous acts. The Amanda Bynes’ saga continues and her drama has gone to bizarre lengths.

After getting arrested by NYPD authorities for allegedly throwing a marijuana bong out of the window of her 36th-floor Manhattan apartment, Bynes has reacted that the cops illegally entered her apartment and that the arresting officer sexually assaulted her.

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Image source: Huffingtonpost.Co.Uk

The 27-year old former child star wrote on her Twitter claiming the latter’s incident and she’s telling her 1.34 million followers that she’s going to sue the police department for it. She even blurted that she only smokes tobacco, doesn't drink and smoke marijuana and “believe everything she says on twitter.”

So what’s next? The New York Police Department's Internal Affairs Bureau has made an internal investigation to her claim that she was sexually harassed by two officers.

I feel sorry for Bynes because she is one of those actresses with plenty of potential talent and many believed she would make it to superstardom. Unfortunately, fame might have gotten to her, and instead she went on a different route that has destroyed her image.

Offstage w/ Christian Polanco Podcast


Christian Polanco is a comedian from New York who hosts the Offstage podcast. He takes a look at different comedians and entertainers and dissects their views about love, relationships, work, etc.

Grabriel Pacheco or Gabe Pacheco as what he’s known for, is Polanco’s guest for this exciting episode. The half-Mexican, half-white, Jewish-looking comedian celebrates his ambigious ethnicity. Some even confuse him for an Asian for some odd reason. An intelligent comedian, who is a good teacher as well, he can be easily described as a hippie.

They discuss Gabe’s favorite professor who has similar looks with Polanco, his background, different Puerto Ricans and Dominicans he had met, Latino culture, and more.

Listen to the podcast episode right here.

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