Bradley Cooper and Julian Edelman Visit Boston Bombing Victim

Bradley Cooper
Image source: Hollywoodreporter.Com

As the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombing incident shook the whole world, actor Bradley Cooper took a moment to show up at one of the victims in the hospital. Jeffrey Bauman Jr., the 27-year-old who lost both his legs during the unforgettable attack, got a visit from Cooper as well as New England wide receiver Julian Edelman.

Bauman was at the marathon to support his girlfriend, when, according to his brother, he saw one of the bombers just before the explosion. Unfortunately for him he fell victim to the blast and woke up under so much medication but was able to write some key answers to hunt down the suspects.

Cooper's and Edelman's visit was certainly a welcome surprise for Bauman. But the two celebrities didn’t plan to visit him together because the Cooper just came out of the blue, according to Edelman. The actor happened to be in town shooting American Hustle, that temporarily stopped its production during the manhunt for Tsarnaev.

Harrison Ford Confronts Former ‘Star Wars’ Co-Star

Harrison Ford
Image source: Comicbook.Com

Harrison Ford dropped by at Jimmy Kimmel’s show to promote his latest film 42, which is about baseball great Jackie Robinson. He faced a number of questions from fans, to whom he said that no Star Wars questions should be asked as he won’t answer them.

Well if you’re in Jimmy Kimmel Live, there’s a big probability that those questions will be asked anyway, and so that's what happened here.

Kimmel asked Ford about his thoughts about the upcoming Star Wars film, where he’s rumored to reprise his Han Solo character and obviously, questions from the audience followed. As these questions were answered, Ford got into a heated argument with co-star and old pal Chewbacca.

He then walked out the studio and left everyone by surprise.

Watch the whole story.

‘Man of Steel’ Releases Official Trailer #3

Man of steel
Image source: Cgmeetup.Net

Excited for the opening of Man of Steel? Before it hits theaters, here’s the third installment of the film’s trailer.

The footage takes a deeper look at Superman in action. We also get a glimpse of what that “S” trademark on his chest means, which, according to the superhero is not actually a symbol that means ‘hope’ in Krypton, his home planet.

The trailer also features Russell Crowe, playing the role of his biological father and Kevin Costner as his adoptive father. We get to see General Zod (Michael Shannon) as well, so eager to find and take on Superman.

Directed by Zack Snyder (300, Watchmen) and produced by Christopher Nolan (Dark Night Trilogy), Man of Steel stars Henry Cavill as Superman and Amy Adams as Lois Lane. The film will hit theaters this coming June 14th.

Boston Marathon Bombing Due to ‘Pressure Cooker’ Bombs

Image source: Abcnews.Go.Com

April 15 is now painfully memorable to everyone especially the people in Boston, Massachusetts. The event was almost successful as many participants joined to run until that horrifying tragic incident at the finish line.

Boston Marathon Bombing
Image source: Cbsnews.Com

Two bombs exploded at the finish line, turning the celebration into a bloody carnage. Three people reportedly died while around 170 were severely injured, and some even lost their limbs.

Boston Marathon Bombing
Image source: Getty/Tmz.Com

According to the Associated Press, the improvised bombs were made of 6-liter pressure cookers filled with explosives and sharp metal objects such as nails and ball bearings, hidden inside duffel bags that were strategically left on the ground during the event. They detonated within 10 seconds of each other, timed with a kitchen timer. This kind of bomb can easily be set off using electronic devices and gadgets such as cell phones.

Boston Marathon Bombing
Image source: Bagnewsnotes.Com

Updates are now being posted on news programs and websites. US President Barack Obama has made an announcement that authorities would work with local law enforcement to catch and punish those who are responsible.

Here’s a footage captured by a television camera at the finish line.

TooSmartGuys: Electric Cars 101

Too smart Guys

TooSmartGuys is a podcast hosted by Pox and Couchguy wherein every week they bring you the latest best tech news, mods, hacks and more.

Since there are many questions regarding electric cars, in this episode, Pox talks about terms to look for when getting an electric car, its price, how fast it is, how far it can travel, the one they call MPGe (electric equivalent of miles per gallon) and others. It’s 2-3 times more than the gas equivalent.

Pox explains that many have thought electric cars are mainly golf carts and it’s not actually the case especially if it costs a thousand dollars. Electric cars are also useful when you run out of gas.

One of the popular electric cars they mentioned here was the Tesla Roadster, which is around 120,00$ at its modes and the Nissan Leaf which is more affordable, around $30,000.

Watch the full episode below.

Meat Loaf Out of UK Show Due to Health Problems

Image source: Stuff.Co.Nz

Rocker Meat Loaf has reportedly pulled out of his Britain show just hours before he was set to perform on stage because of health issues. He has been going around Europe for his farewell Last At Bat tour, claiming this will be his last major performances as he’s been struggling with illness in the recent years.

He already cancelled the show in Britain and has rescheduled his Nottingham play date on May 20th.
Details of his illness were not revealed but a spokesman said that he would be back in a show at Manchester.

Last 2007, he cancelled his European Tour after he was diagnosed with cyst on his vocal chords and in 2011, he collapsed on stage.

In 2012, he had a knee replacement surgery and another operation on his other knee would follow soon.

Review: Psy’s Latest Music Video Release ‘Gentleman’

Image source: Popdust.Com

The Gangnam Style phenom Psy is back and his latest video includes a new dance step that’s different from his previous hit.

His new single Gentleman has its music video released and posted last April 13 on Youtube. In just a matter of days, the video’s hits skyrocketed and currently has over 67 million views and counting. It seems that the Korean pop star is on a roll once more and the song is another danceable tune which features these moves that would definitely go viral.

The video received a lot of hype back in his homeland and the video also features Ga In of KPop girlband Brown Eyed Girls and members of Infinity Challenge.

If you have seen this video, you may have thought that the dance moves are new, but for the people in Korea and Kpop fans around the globe, they may find similarities with the Brown Eyed Girls’ steps in the video Abracadabra. It seems that he borrowed the steps and incorporated it in his song.

Check out both videos and see for yourself. Do you think Gentleman will reach the same record as Gangnam Style did?

Indie Travel Podcast: Best Cities in Austria and Thoughts on Travel There

Named as the Best Travel Podcast by Lonely Planet and ranked among the top 30 most-visited independent travel blogs in the world, Indie Travel podcast is hosted by Craig and Linda, who have been traveling around the world since 2006. Travel has been their passion and this podcast serves as an online reference to backpackers, expats, and people who love to travel.


In episode 271, the pair talks about their visit to Austria, where you can enjoy the beautiful mountain scenery, the historical tourist spots, and the hearty European food.

Listen to the podcast’s episode as they share more of their great experiences on going to this wonderful place.

Amateur Traveler Episode 366: Travel to Vanuatu

Amateur traveler

Episode 366 of the Amateur Traveler podcast is about Chris’s travel experience in the remote tropical paradise of Vanuatu, a place from western South Pacific which is between Fiji and New Caledonia, directly south of the Solomon Islands.

Chris is the show's creator, and he talks about his experiences from his travels all over the world that include swimming with the whales in Tonga, seeing Ethiopia’s stone churches, taking pictures of the gorillas in Uganda, wild horses in Mongolia, and penguins in Antarctica.

His latest trip to Vanuatu was inspired from the reality show Survivor which filmed a season there and showed this active volcano where contestants stood on the rim. This encouraged him to stand on the volcano's rim as well. He also experienced listening to the Water Music created by local islanders, underwent a sailing tour on the Soren Larsen, took a dive underwater and found the wreck of the SS President Coolidge, and a had lot more adventures.

Listen to this episode here.

Moss on Stone: Hot Celebrites Kiss For Charity

Kate Moss & Sharon Stone
Image source: Mirror.Co.Uk

Sexy and hot. It’s a kiss for a good cause.

Sharon Stone and Kate Moss, both wearing gowns with plunging necklines, locked lips onstage at a charity auction held at the Third Annual amfAR Inspiration Gala in Sao Paulo, Brazil on Friday. The partygoers definitely got their attention with the two celebrities’ kissing act.

Stone and Moss both served as co-hosts for the event, and the kiss demonstration was included in the plan to raise money for AIDS research. Moss’s smooch was part of the package that included a gold-laminated bottle of Moet & Chandon champagne signed by the British supermodel and the actress.

The onstage kiss worked wonders indeed as the package was sold for a whopping $53,529.

Moss is not new to this act as she auctioned off her lips before. Back in 2010, her kiss for auction went on for $7,500 and the winner said that her lips tastes as good as she looks.

The two may have done this sexy thing but they’re otherwise spoken for as Stone is dating an Argentinian model named Martin Mica while Moss is married to English rocker Jamie Hince.

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