Nerdist Podcast 341: A Talking Cat?!


It’s another awesome show at Nerdist Podcast and in this episode number 341, topics include how parents are now learning the use of today’s technology, a film titled End of Watch that Jonah saw on the plane recently, and the movie A Talking Cat?!, starring Eric Roberts as the voice of Duffy the talking cat.

Listen now for your dose of random nerdiness!

Conan O’ Brien and Chelsea Handler Shower Nude Fight

Conan & Chelsea
Image source: Nydailynews.Com

In celebrating the 1,081th episode of Chelsea Lately, Chelsea Handler appeared on Conan O’Brien’s show in a shower skit, barenaked! But before you start imagining her in an R-rated mode, the two late-night hosts mess it up in a hilarious conversation.

In this scene, Conan sneaks inside the shower room while Chelsea’s taking a bath. The two engage in a word war as Conan accuses Chelsea of stealing his studio and its other oddities.

The quarrel between the two was aired shortly after the network released the official announcement confirming Jimmy Fallon taking over the hosting tasks for the Tonight Show following Jay Leno’s departure from the show.

The fight between Conan and Chelsea ended when Handler’s sidekick Chuy Bravo entered the scene, naked as well, after the two beat each other by way of dick slapping and kneeing each eye.

Bradley Cooper Replaces Jude Law in ‘Jane Got a Gun’

Bradley Cooper
Image source: Blogs.Indiewire.Com

After Jane Got a Gun lost its director the day before the shoot began as well as its actors, the film has finally found replacements and will now be able to start production, which will reportedly be shot in New Mexico.
Gavin O’ Connor will be directing the film and replacing Jude Law as villain is Bradley Cooper.

Jude Law left the project after original director Lynne Ramsey left on the first day of shooting. The film stars Natalie Portman, who plays a woman whose husband returns home wounded and is tracked down by a gang to finish him off, so she reached out to her ex-lover to ask for help in defending her place.

Joel Edgerton plays the role of the ex-lover while the role for the husband is not yet clear if it’s Rodrigo Santoro or another actor.

Hopefully the film’s trouble would find its end so it can be shown to theaters on 2014.

Arrested Development Returns

Arrested Development
Image source: Blog.Zap2it.Com

Did you miss the Bluth family? They will be back soon as Arrested Development returns to its regular programming through Netflix. It has been six years after the show ended on Fox and the fourth season will premiere on May 26 at 12:01 a.m. So let the countdown begin.

Netflix has announced that the show will have 15 new episodes with the original cast to continue the Bluth’s misadventures. The cast members include Jason Bateman, Will Arnett, Michael Cera, David Cross, and Liza Minelli. Reports say that series narrator Ron Howard will also have a cameo appearance, as well as late-night host funnymen Conan O’Brien and Andy Richter. New episodes started its production last year.

This is something you shouldn’t miss as Netflix has said that the fourth season is a one-off, meaning there are no plans to continue it. But hopefully this will lead to a movie.

Before we get to see them again, let's check out WatchMojo's Top 10 running gags from the show!

Is Katie Holmes Dating Jazz Musician Peter Cincotti?

Katie Holmes
Image source: People.Com

After ending her marriage of five years with Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes is reportedly romantically involved with American singer and songwriter Peter Cincotti.

According to a source, the two are on the early stages of a relationship as they met up two weeks ago at the New York Observer’s 25th anniversary event. It is said that they have been on dates over the past few weeks and that they share same interests.

Cincotti has wooed Katie the old-fashioned way by treating her like a lady. Katie’s friends also approve of him as a suitable good match for her, and are happy to see her dating Cincotti. However, Holmes has denied the reports though and her spokeperson has also denied a rumored musical collaboration between the pair.

Here’s The Thing: Thom Yorke


Bands may come and go, but what if Radiohead splits up? That would be sad news for us fans if that happened.
Thom Yorke, lead singer of the band, has admitted in an interview on this episode of Alec Baldwin’s US WNYC Radio show Here’s The Thing that he frequently thinks of disbanding Radiohead. He added that he’ll never forget what Paul McCartney said that even the Beatles got tired of being the Fab Four.

So how do the other members of the band feel about it? Not as much according to him. He added that the rest are just waiting for him to do it. And what would be the reason? He explained that if that happens, it would never be the music, but other things such as stresses of life.

Thom Yorke has formed Atoms For Peace, a supergroup that features Red Hot Chili Pepper’s Flea and Radiohead producer Nigel Godrich. They released their debut album Amok.

But don’t worry because the band isn’t disbanding yet. Bassist Colin Greenwood confirmed that the band is working on their ninth studio album.

Listen to the full episode.

Tekzilla: Back Up 5 Terabytes Offsite!


Tekzilla podcast by the Discovery network features discussions, tips, and reviews on the latest tech gadgets, software, and other developments.

In this episode, hosts Patrick Norton and Veronica Bellmont shares how important it is to back up your files. They also answer a viewer's question on how to backup 5TB of data, and one option Patrick suggests to try is the CrashPlan Seeded Backup where you can stuff everything in it and speed things up. He also suggests to skip multiple backup enclosures and instead use Mediasonic which is compatible also in Windows 7 and 8.

Other viewer questions that they answer for solutions are if there are apps to track mobile data usage for iPhone, and if business class Internet is better to use or not. Watch the episode now:

Conan O’Brien the Wedding Crasher

Conan O' Brien
Image source: Eonline.Com

There’s no better way to celebrate an event than with a celebrity gate crashing.

Late-night talk show host Conan O’Brien made waves on Saturday when he showed up at the wedding reception of Wes and Victoria Hoffman. Only, he wasn’t formally invited. The only invite he received was from a tweet from one of the bridesmaids after she learned that he’s staying at the same hotel while taping his show for his Atlanta tour hoping it would get noticed.

Fortunately it did.

Conan stepped into the event, introduced himself and chatted with the bride and groom, and the guests. He stayed for about an hour, posing for some pics with the guests and even showing the groom how to do his famous dance move. The groom showered praises on him, saying in a news interview that he was a really, really nice guy.

Kung Fu Grandpa Viral Video


Another video uploaded this week has gone viral, thanks to this background comments created by the uploader, Aamon Miller.

In this video, a man was standing beside a pickup truck at a parking lot and was practicing some nunchuck moves to enhance his skills. While this guy’s doing his routine, Aamon, who was quite far from him, was commenting on every move that he did.

The guy’s got moves but later it seemed he went a little overboard, showing off by tossing his other nunchuck in the air and catching it behind the back. Well of course it didn’t end the way he wanted to be, and probably hurt his fingers so he went to his pickup truck and left.

The video was uploaded just last Friday and currently it has a whopping 7.1 plus million viewers and still gong.

Watch the video and see if it’s worth the hype.

Mike Tech Show Podcast #451


Mike Smith hosts the Mike Tech Show which is all about computers, software, gadgets and anything about technology.

In this episode, Mike discusses the tech problems he experienced, his horrible scam story from a client who was having hardware problems with Dell’s machine, and the time when a client tried to connect with the company’s support and got a call in return. Only catch was, the caller, who asked for $250 as payment for repairs, wan NOT a member of Dell’s customer support. Mike shares this for everyone to be aware of such scams.

Other topics Mike talks about are problems experienced on AOL flash, Printer bugs, an update on Repair Windows, Cozi, Encryption options, and alternatives for Google Reader.

Listen to the podcast’s episode.

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