King Richard III’s Skull Found Underneath A Car Park, Face Reconstructed

Image source: Dailymail.Co.Uk

The last of England’s medieval rulers, King Richard III, finally has a face.

A team of university archaeologists and scientists declared two days ago that a skeleton discovered last year underneath a council parking lot was surely that of Richard, the last English king to die in battle in 1485.

Image source: Dailymail.Co.Uk

Devotees of the king, who have long campaigned to reinstate his reputation, proudly revealed a 3D reconstruction of the long-lost emperor’s head on Tuesday. They said the face looked compassionate and magnificent — not that of a man cast by William Shakespeare as a villainous, malformed monster who murdered his nephews, the Princes in the Tower.

Image source: Dailymail.Co.Uk

The project to unearth the king’s remains was headed by screenwriter and secretary of the Scottish branch of the Richard III Society Philippa Langley. “I hope you can see in this face what I see in this face and that’s a man who is three-dimensional in every sense. It doesn’t look like the face of a tyrant. If … you look into his eyes, it really is like he can start speaking to you,” she says.

A 3D computer image of the face was first created through a scan taken of the king’s skull, before reconstruction. No portraits of the king were used for the primary facial reconstruction, although the clothing, wig, and some features such as eyebrows, eye colour and skin tone were based on paintings of the dead king.

Wearing a black fabric chapeau, with hair down to his shoulders, in keeping with the discovery his skeleton had a tragic spinal curve — the reconstruction described Richard, 32 at his death. His body is due to be re-buried at Leicester Cathedral in 2014.

Image source: Ww2.Macleans.Ca

Langley explained the project had two aims: to find the remains to ensure an ennobled burial and to reveal the real Richard: “It was seeing this face which was actually the most important moment for me, the most extraordinary moment. For me when this was revealed and I was looking at his face … that was the biggest moment. Suddenly the aim of seeing the real Richard III, it came true, a miraculous dream really coming true.” 

Watch the following videos on the search project for King Richard III:

The Troggs’ Vocalist Reg Presley Passes Away at 71

Image source: Examiner.Com

Back in 2012, Reg Presley of the 1960’s British rock band The Troggs had announced that he would be retiring from music due to lung cancer.

On February 4, the composer of hit single Love Is All Around died on February 4 surrounded by his loved ones at his home in England. He was 71.

His daughter. Karen said, “He passed away peacefully at home and myself, my brother and our mother were with him. We’re absolutely heartbroken.”

Reg’s friend music publicist Keith Altham has announced the sad news with a message on his Facebook page. “My dear old pal Reg Presley of The Troggs died today. He was one very real person in a sometimes very unreal world. Our thoughts are with his wife Brenda and the family and those legion of fans who loved his music and his band. I will miss him hugely.” 

Presley, who was the voice behind 1960’s hit songs like Wild Thing and Love Is All Around declared that he was diagnosed with lung cancer at the beginning of 2012 and announced his retirement in a post on The Troggs’ official website: “As you all know I was taken ill whilst doing a gig in Germany in December. During my stay in hospital tests showed that in fact I have lung cancer.”

Reg said, “I am receiving chemotherapy treatment and at the moment not feeling too bad. However I’ve had to call time on The Troggs and retire. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for the cards and calls and for your love, loyalty and support over the years.” 

Watch The Troggs’ Love Is All Around:

We Love Beauty Podcast Review

podcast reviews

In this episode of the We Love Beauty podcast, you will learn about beauty tips from one of the famous celebrity make-up artists, Rachel Goodwin. Rachel has worked with many celebrity clients such as Emma Stone, Christina Hendricks, January Jones, and Jennifer Lawrence, and here she demonstrates how to get Hilary Duff’s look for the Entourage Premiere on one of her models, Linda.

For this look, Rachel played up Hilary’s high cheekbones and luxe lashes, and finished off with pale lips. Hilary often uses black eyeliner to make her eyes look smaller, but this time her eyes were accentuated by lining them with white eyeliner.

Image source: Solocapelli.Com

Hilary’s look translates well onto Rachel’s model Linda, who has a beautiful, golden complexion. Rachel explains that you should take your favorite celebrity’s look as an inspiration but use it as a guide to fit your own features and skin tone.

This was a different look for me altogether and I think this is a great tutorial for every woman. Watch her video to nab Hilary’s look, or visit the iTunes link above.

Watch WE LOVE BEAUTY Get the Look: Hilary Duff by Rachel Goodwin in Entertainment | View More Free Videos Online at

Nicki Minaj Excluded from 2013 Grammy Awards Nominees

Image source: Blog.Divareport.Com

Despite being snubbed for nomination at the upcoming 2013 Grammy Awards, Nicki Minaj seems to take it all in stride. The rapper recently admitted she understood why she is not one of the nominees at the event, even if she has released 2012 hit singles such as The Boys and the Inferno version of Girl on Fire with Alicia Keys.

“I think that the Grammys had a different reason (for not nominating me) that I do not want to discuss. And that’s just between me and them.” She respected the organization and she still believes that, “I’ll get a Grammy eventually. I’m not worried about it. I’ve gotten tons of awards and I believe when it’s my time to get a Grammy, I’ll get a Grammy. You do feel good when you get awards and accolades. Maybe if I had been doing this for 10 years and I thought like, ‘Oh my god, I’ve put out 10 albums’ – maybe it would have hurt my feelings. But I still feel so new that it’s like, ‘Charge it to the game.’ It’s part of the game,” she said.

“I understand that artists and critics make a big deal over the Grammys. But when I go to my shows and I’m selling out arenas in London, and when I’m in Australia and Japan, there aren’t any Grammys there. There are human beings who I’ve touched. There are human beings who are inspired by me, who I love dearly. And that’s what my career is based on.”

Her manager Cortez Bryant was also upset that the Recording Academy didn’t include Nicki in the nominees. Last December 7, 2012, after congratulating his other artists who were nominated at the event, he tweeted:

The 2013 Grammy Awards will be held on February 10 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Artists such as Frank Ocean, Maroon 5 and Alicia Keys, Justin Timberlake, Rihanna, Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood and more are included at 2013 Grammy Awards.

Cee-Lo Green Releases New Single ‘Only You’ Ft. Lauriana Mae

After taking a hiatus from mentoring in The Voice late last year, Cee-Lo Green now releases the new single Only You from his upcoming album, which is yet to be titled. The new track is a romantic song with mix Green’s retro-soul blend and the pop/R&B newcomer Lauriana Mae’s soulful jazz vocals.

Image source: Theboombox.Com

“It’s about two people on different paths, hoping for the best, hoping that those paths lead to each other. It’s like love lost or the acknowledgment of a love lost, but it’s still optimistic,” Green says of his song. 

In the stirring ballad, Green dishes out witty metaphors and ironies at the very beginning of the track, “I started a war/ And I landed on my own sword/ Wish I could take back those stupid things I said/ How could I be so foolish?/ I called out to God/ But the devil keeps answering/ I’m tryin’ every little remedy I can/ But it’s all just bullsh*t.” 

The mid-tempo track has a catchy hook, vibrating “only you” together with a stirring “only you can make it better/ put me back together” and “only you could stop the bleeding/ give me what I’m needing/ tell me so my heart can heal.”

Image source: Singersroom.Com

You will hear Lauriana Mae’s sultry vocals during her solo part in the second verse, and in the third which she shares with Green. 

Watch the new single’s video below:

Melissa Gilbert and Timothy Busfield Are Engaged!

Image source: News.Yahoo.Com

The third time’s the charm. Actress-television director Melissa Gilbert and Thirtysomething star Timothy Busfield are set to head to the altar for the third time.

News just broke out when one source said that “they got engaged over the holidays,” and Melissa’s rep confirmed the news via US Weekly. “They’ve known each other for quite some time, as their paths have crossed off-and-on over the past 20 years. They are engaged and both are incredibly happy.” The actress also gushes on Twitter:

This will be a third marriage for both stars. Gilbert was previously married to Bo Brinkman for four years. After three years, Bruce Boxleitner married her in 1995 and their marriage lasted until 2011. Timothy’s first wife was Radha Delmarter. After they broke up, he married Jenny Meriwin. Both Gilbert and Busfield have children from their previous marriages. 

Congratulations to the happy couple!

K-Stew’s Ex Michael Angarano Has New Girlfriend

Hollywood celebrities
Image source: Hollywoodlife.Com

The romance rumor issues afterThe Brass Teapot actor Michael Angarano and his co-star Juno Temple were caught getting affectionate with each other at the Sundance Film festival.

According to a report obtained by the US Weekly, 25-year-old Michael has found a new love and is currently dating actress Juno Temple. He dated Kristen Stewart before she got together with Robert Pattinson in 2009.

The couple was spotted cuddling when they attended 2013 Sundance Film Festival last week in Utah, where his new movie Afternoon Delight was on the playlist. One source said, “They try keep it pretty quiet but (they’re) very supportive of each other. She’s blowing up and she loves having him around to help take away some of the stress of it all.”

Michael met Juno on the set of their new film The Brass Teapot. The couple allegedly “hit it off and had great chemistry from the start” every time they are on the set of their new film.

The insider said, “They were both single and it just worked.”

Watch the cute couple in the trailer for The Brass Teapot:

Movie Review: The Life of Pi

movies Life of Pi
Image source: Guardian.Co.Uk

For those who have read Yann Martel’s Booker Prize-winning novel you will know that The Life of Pi is about an Indian teenager named Pi who survived a horrible trial at sea and took a long journey of adventure and discovery.

Pi can’t grasp the idea of not having faith. If Pi did not hold on to his faith it is possible that he would have lost his will to live. The Bible is not fact. It is a series of stories that you must put your faith in to believe in it. Life is what we believe it to be, and takes a leap of faith.

In the third section of the film, the Japanese reporters asked Pi to explain the Tsimtsum sinking. The reporters did not accept this story, because it seemed impossible. They were not willing to put faith in the idea. Pi told another version of the same story — this time including people instead of animals. He had created a version of reality in his mind to deal with the revenge he had taken on the murder of his mother. For him it was easier to imagine a tiger doing the killing instead of himself.

Though religious beliefs or nonbelief may vary from viewer to viewer, there is no denying that this film is a very, very beautiful to watch.

Taiwanese film director and screenwriter Ang Lee has brought to the screen an apparently unfilmable story with remarkable mastery of computer animation. His achievement for releasing this film has shown him to be one of the most well-informed directors on the planet.

Every year of life you live, you take another step closer to your final leap. Faith. A simple word yet has a lot of meaning, but without the decision to act on faith, life is without meaning. The purpose of life is all based on your leap of faith.

Kate Hudson’s Inspired Design Collection for Ann Taylor

Image source: Stylenews.Peoplestylewatch.Com

Kate Hudson has had a fruitful career in acting, having been nominated for an Oscar and winning a Golden Globe for her breakout role in 2000’s Almost Famous, and most recently having a guest stint on Fox’s Glee.

celebrity fashion
Image source: Zimbio.Com

But now the actress is entering into the fashion world, designing a capsule collection for Ann Taylor’s Red Carpet Collection. This will mark the stylish actress’s initial attempt at fashion design. Her next project is reportedly inspired by her new stunning style. The collection is scheduled to come out in stores this coming May. It will be a collaborative endeavor with creative director Lisa Axelson.

The actress comments about the successful partnership:

“Working with Ann Taylor has been a great creative experience, and there is a really wonderful connection. Ann Taylor is great at creating iconic wardrobe staples and updating them season after season. I love that Lisa Axelson is designing clothes for real women.” 

Mila Kunis’s Alleged Stalker Ordered to Stay Away From Her for 10 Years

Image source: BBC.Co.Uk

Mila Kunis’s alleged stalker Stuart Dunn was slapped with a continued restraining order forbidding him from communicating and coming near the actress for 10 years. He was also placed under a five-year probation period and a six-month domestic rehab program due to breach of the restraining order.

Dunn declared no contest to infringement of restraining order. He was given credit for 528 days spent in jail awaiting trial, but is now ordered to stay away not just from the actress herself, but also from her managers, agents, and assistants.

Dunn was originally ordered to stay away from the actress for 36 months after being caught red-handed breaking into her empty condo in last year. He was later taken to custody on May 4 last year for ignoring court orders by showing up outside her Beverly Hills gym three days in a row in the hopes of meeting her.

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