Virtual Reality Game Tech Enters 2014

At CES 2014, developments in technology have indicated the possibility of VR (virtual reality) becoming the new and popular trend in gaming.

Image source: Engadget.Com

2013’s 5 Best Holiday Gifts for Gamers

Just this year, the iPodder Blog team has moved its focus from entertainment to gaming, and as 2013 draws to a close, I'd like to feature a list of cool last-minute holiday presents for the gamer in your life.

Steam’s Newest Game ‘The Novelist’ Is an Intelligent Mindfuck

‘Can you achieve your dreams without pushing away the people you love?’ poses Kent Hudson’s newest game, The Novelist. But what if the one pushing the loved ones away is a ghost? And that ghost is you?

‘Sherlock’ Season 3 Trailer Now Out!

It’s confirmed: Sherlock Holmes is alive. So if you’re one of those eagerly awaiting the return of the quintessential supersleuth, Sherlock season three is just a few weeks away! And to make the wait sweeter — or more agonizing — BBC has just released its newest trailer.

The PC is Still By Far a Superior Gaming Platform

The PC is still way ahead of its next-gen console counterpart because of its graphics settings and the number of hardware to choose from. You also enjoy the extra functionality that the console cannot provide.

Top 3 Worst Movies Of 2013

Since we’ve already arrived at the last quarter of 2013, now would be a good time to finally announce what I think is this year’s Top 3 Worst Movies.

The Crazy Ones

Fall has already arrived and with it comes a new batch of brand new TV shows that are vying for our time and attention during prime time.

Author’s TV Show Pick: Big Bang Theory

Since Breaking Bad has already ended, we’ve lost another great TV series to watch but good thing there’s another show that could still make us smile and let the good times roll.

Enjoy Great Podcasts on iPodder!

Finding for a good podcast program can be such a daunting and troublesome task.

Laugh Out Loud with Ipodder’s Featured Comedy Podcasts!

There’s a saying that laughter is the best medicine so if you want to brighten up your day, there’s no better way than tune in to Ipodder’s Comedy Podcasts,

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