Madden NFL 16 is Best-selling Game For August 2015 (US)

NPD Group’s Liam Callahan has revealed that the August 2015 retail sales figures indicate that Madden NFL 16 is the best-selling game for that month.


Dark Souls III Launches in March 24 in Japan

Dark Souls III has revealed its release date, which will be on March 24 in Japan for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.





Microsoft Outlines November Updates for Xbox One

Microsoft has outlined the number of updates on November for Xbox One, the most notable of which are the Xbox 360 backward compatibility and new UI.

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Forza 6 Reviews Round Up

Can the latest racing exclusive from Forza 6 bring back its glory days? Find out below what the critics have to say.


Madden NFL 16 First Major Patch for Xbox One and PlayStation 4

EA Sports has guaranteed that they will roll out its first major patch to address a number of issues around the gameplay, connected franchise mode, and Madden Ultimate Team fixes.


The updates were focused mainly on an AI defenders issue where they receive strange encroachment penalties on the game.

Dragon’s Dogma Dark Arisen will Be Coming to PC in January

Good news for Dragon’s Dogma fans that are itching to have a PC version of the game — Capcom has announced that Dragon’s Dogma Dark Arisen will be released on PC via Steam in January 2016. The game will feature high-resolution graphics and improved fidelity with full controller support.


Destiny 2.0 Patch is Now Live with Massive Patch Notes Details

Bungie’s Destiny Patch 2.0 has been rolled out right now; there are a lot of updates that also include the beloved Gjallahorn Rocket Launcher that was nerfed. The patch includes The Taken King Crucible preview event and more in preparation for the upcoming The Taken King DLC.


Xbox One Problems “Predictable and Preventable”

Former President of Microsoft’s Entertainment & Devices Division Robbie Bach discussed the company’s Xbox One strategy and his vision for the next-gen console. On a GeekWire interview he said of the console's issues, "I have two thoughts. The first is, gosh, I think some of that was predictable and preventable. If I'm just honest I would say that."


Metal Gear Solid 5 the Phantom Pain for PlayStation 4 Tops UK Sales Chart

Konami’s Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain sales for PlayStation 4 dominates sales for Xbox On, according to sales monitor ChartTrack. But while it enjoyed a good debut, it’s first week performance still didn’t outperform Batman Arkham Knight or The Witcher 3.


WWE 2K16 Additional Characters Announced


WWE 2K16‘s roster of characters has now 21 additional WWE Wrestlers and Divas.

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