Stay Updated On The Latest NFL Team Developments!

Super Bowl XLVI may be over but the fever still runs high! Now that we finally know who the 2011 champ is, we can move on to the upcoming NFL aces for 2012. And what better way is there to get a good prediction than to look closely at the recent developments in each of the team’s roster?

You can get the latest updates on your favorite team’s lineup over at NFL Draft Tracker, the official podcast of the NFL in everything related to draft picks and player trades. Get ready to place your bets!


PowerPress: WordPress Plugin for Podcast

PowerPress is a great WordPress plugin both for blogging and especially podcasting. It makes podcasting really easy and even lets you have real stats!

It's pretty easy to set up, with six different audio players and 2 video players, all of which are highly customizable players.

The players also come with a download link so users don't have to add an HTML at the end of every post just to do it manually; it’s all done automatically now. Its audio player options have also been getting a lot of positive feedback from users.

PowerPress provides support to a whole bunch of stuff: HTML5 video, iTunes, multi-podcasts, and a myriad of media formats!

If I were to nitpick on anything about this amazing plugin, it’s that you to create an account just to use their stats program.

In case you still haven't it tried out yet, download it from here, right now!


Download NBC Podcasts for Free!

Download your favorite NBC and MSNBC news program straight to your PC or any portable media player, as brings you free video and audio podcasts. Simply subscribe and choose from any of the available shows listed HERE. These are perfect for listeners who like getting news updates while on the go.

If you have any inquiries on their podcasts, click HERE.

All podcast shows are available on iTunes, Zune, and other podcast clients. Enjoy!

Interested in other news podcasts? Visit our podcast directory.

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